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Top 10 Blog Posts For 2021:Simple Nature Decor

2021 has been a year of joy and inspiration. I am honored that my posts were able to bring joy to someone. Here is a look at my to 10 blog posts for 2021.

TOP 10 BLOG POSTS FOR 2021 Simple Nature Decor

Top 10 Blog Posts For 2021

2021 started off like any year, excited for our goals and like many families we made exciting plans. Unfortunately the pandemic continues and that has changed many things. I am blessed that my family and I are healthy. 2021 continues to make me creative and finding balance at home. Praying that 2022 will be the year that the pandemic comes to an end. I am happy that my blog continues to grow and bring joy to many of my readers with these top 10 posts of 2021.

1: How To Organize Your Home Office With the KonMari Method

Organizing popular for 2021:

One of my favoriteposts for 2021 was a pretty popular with my readers. I started using the Konmari method back in January 2021 and loved it. It has stream lined all my organizational needs

2: How To Organize Your Spice Cabinet The KonMari Way

2021 was the year I really got into organizing and this one was for my spice cabinet using the KonMari way too.

3: How To Make Wooden Easter Bunnies For The Garden

One of my most favorite things to do as a blogger is to make projects with my grand son, this one we had fun painting the wooden easter bunnies.

4: How To Cover Outdoor Cushions In Easy Peasy Steps

This was one of my most challenging projects making outdoor cushion covers. Finding a large enough space to lay out the fabric was a challenge. I was able to use the dining room table and it taught me about using spaces effectively.

5: How To Make Tassels For A Blanket

I never knew that tassels were made from yarn. Tassels can be used for many things. I really enjoyed making these.

6: How To Make Fourth of July Pinwheel Paper Wreath

I enjoyed making these pinwheel from printables. 2021 has taught me that printables is a great tool for my readers. Planning on creating a library filled with them for 2022.

7:How To Make An Outdoor Tile Coffee Table

Tile table:TOP 10 BLOG POSTS

This outdoor table was suppose to be simple to make but I added the tilee which made it quite challenging. I am glad I did because it made me a pretty good tile installer.

8: How To Make Faux Fall Leaves On Gold Branches

Faur leather leaves:TOP 10 BLOG POSTS

Making faux leaves were so much fun. I learned about different material used to make them singly Cricut maker.

9: DIY White Pumpkin Wreath With Pinecones

Have double doors too. Learn to make these wreaths with pumpkins and pine cones.

10: How To Carve A Pumpkin Shark with Teeth

Most popular Top 10 blog posts for 2021.

My most popular post for 2021 was how to carve a pumpkin shark. I had a blast carving this with my grand son Theo.

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  1. Rebecca Payne says:

    Great posts for 2021. Happy New Year

  2. Brooke Fedigan says:

    Wonderful List!! Thank you for sharing it. I love the tile table. Happy New Year!

  3. ooh! I think the cushion covers are my favorite. I need to do that this year! Great projects 🙂

  4. So many lovely projects, but I have to agree with everyone else, that sharky pumpkin was adorable for a whole bunch of reasons, the top one being your cutie pie helper. So sweet. I still think you deserve the Ouma of the year award.

  5. Rosemary Palmer says:

    So many of these were my favorites too. Looking forward to 2022.

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