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No-Sew Fabric Lined Storage Baskets

Bring life to your plain baskets by lining them with coffee bean bags. Check out how to make fabric lined storage baskets for a beautiful storage idea.

Fabric Lined Storage Basket

I wanted to do something special for my baskets and it was another opportunity to us my coffee bean bags again. Baskets are great for organizing and adding a fresh look to a plain storage area. So dressing the basket up with burlap bean bags will give that extra style to my storage areas. For more storage basket ideas check out 15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love.

Why line the Baskets with fabric

  • Protects the baskets.
  • Gives the baskets a new look.
  • Its great way to store onions and potatoes.
  • You can use it as a bread baskets


  • Baskets: (Thrift Stores have great finds) I found my white wired ones at Dollar Tree)

Where to Find Coffee Bean Bags

I was lucky enough to collect coffee beans the last few years. I found some at vintage yard sales and some came with a fountain I ordered. they used it as a way to wrap and protect the foundation during shipping. You can search on eBay.

No Sew Fabric Lined Storage Basket

  1. Measure the width of the baskets, plus two more inches. Measure 3 inches more to over lap over the edges of the basket. Use a chalk to measure those measurements on the coffee bean bag to make it easier to cut.
supplies:fabric lined storage baskets

After you cut the coffee bean bag place it over the basket. Make sure its drapes over the basket about 3 inches. The beauty of this you don’t need to sew anything as long as they drape easily over the basket. Sometimes the bean bag is already sewn and all you have to do is cut the height, as I did for the taller wired basket. I had a smaller coffee bean bag that was perfect size for my tall wired basket.

Tuck the edges and glue them with a glue gun.

Do the same with the other baskets.

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  1. It was so cheap! I love finding most of the supplies in your very own home. I save everything.

  2. Erin, it was a pleasure to be in this challenge. These challenges are such a great way to get motivated to get things done. I have so many project I want to do.

  3. Love your use of coffee bean bags Maria; great idea! I usually throw in a towel, but like this so much better.

  4. Libbie Burling says:

    Such a simple way to elevate a basket!! Pinned.

  5. These turned out so great! Thanks for sharing it. I pinned it as well. Happy New Year

  6. You made such pretty fabric lined baskets. Thanks for sharing how to make them.

  7. Where did you buy the fabric

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