Dollar Tree Storage Containers For Organizing Your Pantry

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Make you kitchen pantry more functional and maximize space with these Dollar Tree storage containers that you can make look stylish.


I love my kitchen but inside my pantry is another story. I finally had the time to organize my pantry andI did it with dollar tree storage containers. Besides saving money on the storage containers I also wanted my pantry to look stylish.

How To Design A Pantry

My home is only 4 years old. When we were designing it, storage space was important. We added a preparation room off the kitchen sometimes referred as a butlers pantry. There we put a large closet with lots of shelving. Across from it was space under the stair case we built a small closet that we can store pet supplies and other misc house hold items. This would leave the pantry for food items.

Dollar Tree Storage Containers

I absolutely love organizing its great therapy for me. It helps me clear my mind. The only thing about organizing is storage containers can be very costly. I decided to head to the Dollar Tree and found some bins and containers that were just as cute as the ones in the Containers store.

I started with a clean slate. I emptied out all the boxes that were filled with cereal, pasta and a bunch of stale snacks. Many of the boxes were filled with staled crackers and old cereal boxes which I threw out. This is a perfect time to get rid of old food.

To read more about organizing your kitchen check out how to organize the spice cabinet.

Dollar Tree Storage Container Supplies

Glass containers: Dollar tree has glass containers with airtight lid, perfect for keeping snacks fresh.

Slotted plastic storage bins: I love the slotted bins so you can see what you have and keeps everything fresh.

Wired storage baskets: I love these light weight baskets for storage. They are easy to take off the shelves and you can tote to different places.

Labels: I used vinyl sheets that I printed off the cricuit maker. You can peel off the label and it sticks to the glass and bins.

How To Organize your Pantry

  1. Take everything out of your shelves and declutter. Good- bye! stale crackers and cereal. Found a few items that didn’t belong. Clean the shelves with a non toxic cleaning solution.

2. Once the shelving is clean I took all the boxed food items and put them in the glass containers. I put most of the rice, pasta and cereal in them. Items such as cans, oils and vinegars went into the slotted bins. The wired baskets I used for potatoes, paper products and onions. Next add labels.

How To Make Labels For Dollar Tree Storage containers

I used the cricut maker to make labels. It has free images you can use. There are tons of free labels. Under search just typed in free labels. If you don’t how to use the cricut maker. Check out this post. Read 1-3 how to set the cricut maker and choose free label for image.

labels for dollar tree storage containers

Once you print out the label you can use a white chalk pen to write on the label.

Since the labels are vinyl the chalk pen can be washed off with acetone.

dollar tree storage containers for pantry

Tips for Organized Pantry

Set up your pantry based on how you live your life. I entertain a lot with family and friends so having glass containers that are air tight is important to keep things fresh.

Based on how you family eats. I am dieting so I have a basket for all my dieting needs and my husband who isn’t on a diet has his favorite snacks in another basket.

I love cooking and I try to keep the potatoes and onions in the pantry in location where I can found it not thrown on the floor in the pantry somewhere.

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