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Even though 2019 flew by I am excited to go into 2020 with lots of goals. Here is 10 of my best projects for 2019- Simple Nature Decor

10 of my products for 2019 for Simple Nature Decor

Let’s talk about 2019 and let me share some of my favorite posts that were favorites for many of my readers.


Oyster shell bookends

As you all may know I started my blog making oyster shell candle holder 7 years ago. Since then I have created all kinds of home decor projects with them.  January 2019  I create my oyster shell bookends. It is probably my top pin on Pinterest. It started with  2  pieces of wood and a bunch of oyster shells. I am so honored that so many have pinned this.

shelving for outdoor shower

How to create shelving for outdoor shower

I moved into my new home in January 2019 and the same month I created shelving for my outdoor shower. The shelving comes in handy during the showers  I take in the summer after a good workout. I collaborated with Cedar Safe

how cleaning can keep your healthy

 Cleaning tips to stay healthy

This wellness post was one of my most-read posts for 2019 according to my google analytics. I find that interesting since I am a home décor blogger. I may write more about this topic.

bleached candleholder

Bleach driftwood candleholder

My driftwood projects never get old for me to create. The bleach driftwood candleholder was really enjoyable to make and a super-easy project. The best part I found the driftwood by the water near my house.

how to arrange framed prints

How to arrange framed coastal prints on the wall.

If you want to save a ton of money and also learn an easy way to arrange prints on the wall. Then you will love this project. Framing prints on my walls is my favorite post of the year.

comfy bedroom ideas

How to make guests feel comfy.

I have been working with Wayfair for years. I am one of there Wayfair Homemakers. I transformed the guest bedroom with easy decor accents such as bedspreads and other accents all from Wayfair. There pricing is affordable and always a good experience. This was a one of my easiest transformations and it generated lots of traffic.

watercolor pineapple print

Easy watercolor pineapple tutorial

I took a bunch of classes in watercolor and created all kinds of fun paintings. my favorite that I think I mastered was the pineapple watercolor print which turned to be very popular on Pinterest. Who says you can’t be an artist. It just takes patience and practice.


how to change the color of your dresser

How to change the color of your dresser.

It’s never easy to change the color of a dresser from bright red to a neutral color such as beige. This post has done well for me because it shows simple steps to change the color by outstripping the entire color.

hand painted chinoiserie ornament

 How to paint chinoiserie ornaments.

That watercolor class I took actually did me wonders. It taught me how to create leaves and to paint delicate flowers. I don’t think I could paint these flowers and leaves without taking the class.

I love my little blog. Each year I learn so much about what works and what doesn’t. I truly appreciate all the support my readers have given me in the last 6 years. Thanks so much.

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  1. Well, I can’t decide which is my favorite! You know I love oyster shells…so there’s that. But that white dresser is really lovely too! And then there are those chinoiserie ornaments! You made so many lovely projects this year! Thanks for sharing.

    hugs, Lynn

  2. Maria,
    Such great projects and I can easily see why they made your top ten! I love those oyster shell book ends. Our youngest daughter just moved to Florida…maybe I can find some shells there and give this project a whirl. Love these gorgeous chinoiserie ornaments so much!
    Enjoyed my visit here today!

    1. Jemma
      Thats wonderful place to visit, Florida is filled with some much fun and lots of great beach elements.

  3. I love How to place framed prints, the driftwood, (especially) and outdoor shelves. Your photos and ideas are beautiful Thank you for your wonderful creativity.

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