Simple Nature Decor brings what’s beautiful in nature into your home.

Simple Nature Decor is a place to share my decor style of nature-inspired and simple yet classic design ideas. What started as a simple way to de-stress with a daily nature walk with my dog. It developed into much more. On my daily walks, I started taking photos with my iPhone of oak trees, marshes and exotic plants all around my neighborhood, which led me to this unique and new journey.

It is my hope that you find this piece of the blogosphere as a place where you can inspire and escape the stresses of life. Thank you for visiting and below is a little more about me.

I grew up on a farm in upstate New York. From the get-go, my love for nature and the outdoors was transforming. My parents were creative people. My father was a farmer and my mom was home-maker born in Costa Rica. As a child, I spent a great deal of traveling back and forth to Costa Rica. My mom taught me how to sew and make amazing projects from nature.

I ran off to college in Manhattan studying liberal arts with a focus on writing and marketing. I met my husband in upstate New York. He was in medical school and we were totally opposite. It is true what they say about opposites do attract. He also shared a loved for the outdoors, nature and traveling. We fell in love and got married.

Moving forward, we relocated to Coastal Carolina where we raised three great kids. I was a  stay-at-home mom while dabbling in a few entrepreneurial projects. I enjoyed my life spending quality time watching the kids grown into fine young people. Once my children went off to college, it was then I needed something else. I discovered that I can take my love for writing and nature to create projects for the home. It was the perfect new hobby!

Today my hobby has turned into a blog that keeps growing and the opportunities are endless. I am so grateful to the amazing people I have met along the way.

Stay tuned for updates!

xoxo Maria