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How To Organize Your Home Office With the KonMari Method

There is nothing like having a organized home office where you can find all the necessary documents to keep your life running smoothly. To achieve this! Learn how to organize your home office with the KonMari Method.

How To Organize Your Home Office With the KonMari Method

When I was introduced To Marie Kondo and her KonMari system. I was very curious about how this system works. I thought I knew everything there is to organizing because my house was relatively clean and organized. I just finished organizing my bedroom closet and was very happy with the Komari Folding system. Which you can read about it here.

I noticed that even thought my desk was clutter free and my drawers looked organized I still had a hard time finding my tax papers in the files. I struggled to find my banking statements. I started thinking can I apply this system to my home office. The answer is yes. After listening to her video on the KonMari system I realized that this method can be applied to everything in your home. Its not just folding, its a way of life.

Pile of papers: How To Organize Your Home Office

How To Organize Your Home Office:


  • Files folders
  • Baskets
  • Desk drawer storage containers

Mare Kondo philosophy is to let things go. I knew I had a bunch of papers and information that was outdated in my file and it was time to let go and keep only things that I really needed for my business and life. I made a pile of trash and items that needed to be categorized in the right location.

I simplified the filing system and used plain file folders for everything. Everything matched and it made it easy to find all my tax documents. I placed everything about my blogging business in one basket and anything about my life such as banking, medical and travel in another basket. The baskets were large and I could fit them easily under my desk. since this was my own home office space separate from my husband’s it made it a lot easier to keep stuff organized.

Being able to locate paper and important files right when you need them is a big time saver and the biggest plus a stress releaser.

I found lots of crafts supplies that didn’t belong in my desk drawers, so I threw those in the box filled with things that I had to find a home for. The Marie Kondo believes by organizing by categories. If the craft supplies was found in my desk that would go into the craft supply space.

Now the only thing I should be able to find in my desk drawers is everything I would need to function such as pens, tape, stamps, check books, staples, stationary.

Having a beautiful and organize office space has many advantages. I can do videos right at my desk, I can relax and read my computer news and I can find a special document in matter of seconds.

How To Organize Your Home Office With the KonMari Method

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