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How To Make Faux Fall Leaves On Gold Branches

Make you fall decor glimmer with all things gold and nature. Family and friends will delight in the glow of this faux fall leaves on gold branches.

Faux Fall Leaves

You can make these faux leaves and branches any size to fit your space. I used real branches which I found by my house. I made the leaves with faux leather and the Cricut Maker. They add so much charm to your space. I decided to go with medium size branches.

Supplies Faux Fall Leaves

  • Cricut Maker
  • Faux Leather
  • Branches: Try using thin branches when making these branches.
  • Wire: Thin Wire is the best to use on branches.
  • Gold Paint: Use spray paint.
  • Wire Cutter
  • Glue Gun

How To Make The Faux Fall Leaves

cut the faux leaves:Faux Fall Leaves

The first things you do is cut out the faux leather with the Cricut Maker. I found my faux leather at Amazon. I places the leather face down on a fabric grip mat. I used a template of fall leaves from Cricut maker. You need to mirror the image before cutting it. Make sure you have a fine point blade. After you cut the leaves pull the leather around it carefully. Leaving the leaves on the mat.

Glue Leaves Together:Faux Fall Leaves

Take two leaves and glue them together. Insert a piece of thin wire in-between them. I had to make 20 leaves. That meant I needed 40 individual leaves.

Spray gold paint on faux leaves:Faux Fall Leaves

Wrap all twenty leaves with wire around the branches. The next step is paint the branches with the leaves outside with gold spray paint. Spray paint both sides. Let dry for a few hours before putting them in a vase. I used a glass vase to show most of the branches.

Faux Fall Leaves

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Faux Fall Leaves


  1. Rebecca Payne says:


  2. This is a cool idea Maria and they look beautiful and expensive 🙂 What a neat idea for fall decor.

  3. Very pretty Maria! They look beautiful alone or in a wreath!

  4. Beautiful and creative, Maria. I love the look for Fall decorating.

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