How To Make A Oyster Shell Candle Holder



Hurricane Irma Weekend

This past weekend was Hurricane Irma. A catastrophic hurricane that hit the Caribbean and south-east coast. Many of my blogging friends who live in Florida had some really scary experiences. Thank God they are ok! I live in Coastal South Carolina and we were hit with tropical storm winds. So  decided to do a post on How To Make A Oyster Shell Candle Holder.

It takes about an hour to make one oyster shell candle holder. I made three until the electric went out. I had one from  an old post project that I also used to use as well for extra light.


Oysters/Glue Gun/Small Cup/Glue Stick(Gorilla)/Candle



The Base

Step 1. Take three oysters, place in cup with the ends in the cup first and glue the three oysters together. This serves as the base for the candle. You can make the center as wide as you want for the candle.Let dry for a few minutes. Gorilla glue stick is the best, very strong!



Adding Shells

Step 2. Take the oysters out of shell and continue adding the oysters until you create a large candle holder. You can add as many as you want to create any size candle holder you like. It takes 45-50 oyster shells to make a large one.



So pretty during a dinner party!

Step 3. Once you are done gluing the shells, let dry for a day. This is going to make a great seashell centerpieces for any table. You can place anywhere even outside. Add the candle in the center.



Be creative with them!

I love making these oyster candle holder. They each are so unique and special. I am planning on making 6 more for a dinner party in a few weeks for my grand son’s christening. Each table will have one for a centerpiece. I will add a thick candle in center.



For more seashell decor see my Oyster Mirror.


  • Debrashoppeno5

    I love this idea, especially for a coastal look. Plus you get to eat the oysters!

  • Janet

    Wow Maria, this really beautiful. Such a fun and elegant idea.


  • FLORENCE @ VintageSouthernPicks

    These are so pretty Maria! Love the coastal vibe they impart.

  • lynn spencer

    You know I am all about Oyster Shell projects, so of course I love your candles! And what a great project to do during the Hurricane. Hope Irma spared you from the worst.

    Hope the sun is shining for you today.

    Hugs, Lynn

    • Maria Brittis

      The sun is shinning after we got the last band of winds on Monday! I think you were spared there in North Carolina shores! True? Have a great weekend.

  • FrenchGardenHouse

    I love these! These are so beautiful, and they look easy to make. Thank you so much for the tutorial and inspiration, Maria.

    • Maria Brittis

      Yes they are very easy to make, just making sure you use the right glue! Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Mary

    That is so pretty Maria and just what is needed to scare Irma away!

    • Maria Brittis

      The wine sure helped when the lights went out! We were lucky we only got the winds from the outer side of Irma . its been a very usy hurricane season. Do you guys have hurricanes in Greece?

  • Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

    Oh, yah! This is a super fun project!!! Pinned, shared on my FB page {French Ethereal} and G+ for you, but seriously, these are stunners, Maria! I think this is my favorite part of meeting everybody who blogs: seeing everyone’s cool projects and sharing them. <3

    Happy oyster eating!
    xoxo Barb 🙂

    p.s. Maybe you'll do a giveaway??? I've never eaten oysters but would love a little one {with a wide base for a 4" wide candle}. 😀

    • Maria Brittis

      Can you believe I am allergic to oysters, I end up sick with hives everywhere. I purchase mine from a stone quarry near my home. Giveaway is a great idea, since I have lots. I am going to plan a party for my grandson baptism so they will on the tables. Thanks so much, you are a sweetie.

  • Rebekah Purnell

    I think oyster lamp would be easy with some nice strong glue. Why not give it a try.

  • Rogers Roy

    I like the candle but when its talk about the oyster shell it looks fantastic. It seems pretty much natural and easy to make this. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. As a DIY lover, I really try to make this. Thanks

  • Meg Green With Decor

    These are so pretty! Such a fun way to add a coastal vibe to a table!

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