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How To Make A Oyster Shell Mirror You Will Love

How To Make a Oyster Shell Mirror that will give you a beautiful coastal look.

Oyster Shell Mirror

Most of my married life I lived in coastal South Carolina. It is a paradise of coastal elements such as seashells and oyster shells. I started creating oysters projects about 7 years ago and have not stopped.

Supplies For Oyster Shell Mirror

This mirror is pretty easy to do. I am lucky there are many oyster shells around the marshes and rivers. You can buy them by the bag full at the local landscape place or online at Amazon.

How To Make The Oyster Shell Mirror

Step 1: Clean the oyster shells

To clean oyster dry shells soak in a mixture of cider vinegar and half water. Let sit overnight and take an old toothbrush and brush off any debris. The oyster shells should be pretty white. Make sure they are dry before applying any adhesive.

cleaning shell for oyster shell mirror

Step 2: Sort the shells.

Your shells should be sorted by the size of the frame, so the shells lay flat. You may need a mixture of flat small and larger oyster shells

applying adhesive for oyster shell mirror

Step 3: Adhesive

Make sure you cover the mirror with painters tape. To attach shells I used a tile adhesive to glue the oysters to mirror. Apply it thick and press the shell on it. Take your time and clean any adhesive off the glass part of the mirror before it dries.  

Oyster shell mirror

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Oyster shell mirror:How To Make a Oyster Shell Mirror

Thanks so much for spending your precious time to read my post. I truly appreciate it. If you want to see more oyster shell projects here is the list.


  1. How cute! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week! 🙂

  2. Very creative idea! Thinking this would be great decor to help spice up the condo near the beach. Thanks for the idea

    1. Nick… I think this would be a great decor pieces to your beach condo! Hope you find something like this.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my project! Have a wonderful Weekend!

  3. Very pretty!!! I tried to do something similar with a very large mirror, too and it turned out beautifully but I went through so many tubes of adhesive. I don’t think I used the correct type.

    I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. It’s a blogging award and all of the details and questions are discussed on my blog post that I just completed here If you are interested in participating, it was a fun project and a great way to meet others. Congratulations! Dana

    1. OMG I’m so honored that you nominated me! Thanks so much in stopping by my blog! This is going to be so much fun! I would love to complete the requirements. I will stop by your blog and move forward with this. Thanks so so much
      Big hugs Maria

  4. What a great project. Thanks for the instructions. I might give it a try but have great plans and don’t get them done many times.

    I love your garden pic that was on your google circle. Your garden is very lovely.

    I don’t understand the google circle thing yet. So much to learn.
    Have a good weekend.

    Glad you found my blog and that my grandmothers dishes brought back good memories for you.

    1. Hello Bonnie, thanks for stopping by I really love it when people write me! it makes my day! So far you are doing a great job if you found me on google circle! I be happy to explain what I know about google. Let me know what questions you have such as finding more people to follow so that they follow you back! Firsts lets subscribe to each other.. If you go back to my blog and put your email in the subscribe I will have you in my blog feed and that way we can stay close by.. I will do the same! Let me know when you do it and I will go to your blog! and subscribe… Thanks maria

  5. Beautiful mirrors. They look great with your dark buffet. I’m sure skyler thinks you made them just for him. He is quite handsome.

    1. Hi Maggie, My cat is quite nuts! lol but he is very funny! He slides in the kitchen unexpected! and he is obsessed with jumping from counter to sofa… When I make a project he is on my lap! sometimes I have to put him in the other room for a few hours.
      Thanks for stopping by Maria

  6. I have never met an oyster shell that I did not like. I love the mirrors.
    I too have a love for the oyster as evidenced in my blog:)

    1. Hey Ron

      Thanks for the stop by! love to hear from you any time! Will stop by really soon really busy planning weddings.
      Take care Mari

  7. Sandra Watts says:

    That looks really nice. Very creative too. I love sea shells as well.

    1. Thanks so much for enjoying my oyster shell mirror. I truly appreciate the time you spent reading my post.

  8. What type of adhesive do you recommend?

  9. Loved your mirror. As a kid, I always looked for a pearl in clam shells–duh. I would glue a good sized pearl into one of your shells (or maybe more!) because I still love pearls! Ny ex took my kids shell hunting when they were small, came home, and decided to wash the VERY sandy shells in the dishwasher. Had to call the repair man!

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