Wooden Bead Napkin Rings With Oyster Shell

Last Updated on May 17, 2022 by Maria Brittis

My wooden bead napkin rings is super easy to make and your table will look beautiful. This is a stylish way to use natural elements like oyster shell to make your table shine. All you need is bead, oyster shell and hemp.

woods bead napkin ring holder around napkin

Since I moved to Coastal South Carolina I have been obsessed with oyster shells.

My favorite of all my oyster shell crafts is my candle. How To Make A Oyster Shell Candle Holder

The next time you want to make something beachy try this wooden bead napkin ring with a painted oyster shell.

What is The best Bead To use.

There are many sizes of wooden beads to use to make this wooden napkin ring. I prefer the large wooden bead. “Its look nice and very easy to make. There really isn’t any rule on what kind of bead to use. You can use anywhere from 8mm to 16mm beads. they can be glass beads to wooden beads.

I recently made a necklace with jade beads and it required 60 beads total. So it’s obviously the bigger the bead the faster the project.

wood beads

Why You Will Love Wooden Bead Napkin Ring

  • It is easy to make.
  • They make your table setting look beautiful.
  • Its makes your table look beachy for the summer.
  • They make great gift ideas.
supplies of beads hemp and oyster shell

Supplies To Wooden Bead Napkin ring

  • Polished Hemp String: Hemp comes in all different widths, 1mm polished is the best.

How To Make Wooden Bead Napkin Holder

  1. You will need a oyster shell. I already drilled a small hole in it and have painted the edges gold. You can use a drill to make a hole and paint the edges with gold paint.
painted oyster shell with gold paint

2. Take the hemp and with a big eye needle pass it though the hole of the oyster shell. Gather both ends and tie a square knot.

hemp tied around oyster shell

3. With a big eye needle take one side of the hemp and pass it though the first bead. You can use 10 12mm beads to make the napkin ring.

4. String about 5 wooden beads each side.

string hemp with wooden beads

5. After you string all the beads tie a square knot. The knot won’t show when you put it around the napkin.

cut hemp with scissors

6. After you tie the knot. Cut the strands from the hemp.

wood bead napkin ring on napkin

Now you have this beautiful napkin ring that is ready to be placed around a pretty napkin. You can use any color of napkins you like. I have these pretty blue print that truly makes the napkin ring look gorgeous.

wood bead napkin ring around napkin
What are the best Bead String to use.

I used regular hemp for stringing this napkin ring. But the best is polished hemp, because it ties easier than the thick hemp. You can hide the knot inside the bead hole. Using Fire lining is another good option.

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wooden bead napkin ring

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  1. You make me want to go out there and eat as many oysters as possible just so I have shells to play with. Love these napkin rings, Maria and I already have too many wooden beads so I’m halfway there.

    1. Are you serious! lol I wish I could eat oysters, I’m allergic. Great can’t wait to see.

  2. I can’t pick a favourite oyster shell project because I love them all!

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