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How To Make No-Sew Frayed Napkins

 Bringing The Outdoors In for a Fall Tablescape

How To Make No-Sew Frayed Napkins

The outdoors provides me a place of beauty and calmness that is not always easy to capture in an indoor space. Glass doors and large windows might look out onto a yard or porch lush with leafy plants and colorful flowers. But there is nothing like bringing all this nature into the home. So I got inspired to create some colorful no-sew napkins for the fall for my next outdoor tablescape.

Ever year I do a pretty fall tablescape. This year I gathered some fun fall fabric and I will show you how to make no-sew frayed napkins. By bringing natural fibers, textures and patterns indoors can help accomplish the same goal of bring nature inside the home.


Fabric Colors For The Napkins

For Fabric use colors inspired by the outdoors. Greens are calming and relaxing. They remind us of grass and plants. Blues add a refreshing touch and are reminiscent of the sky and water. Yellows are fun and fresh. They evoke thoughts of sunshine and wildflowers. If you want a natural and clean feel, incorporate some neutral whites, beiges, and tans. An online quilting fabric store may offer a wide variety of prints and textures to add depth and style. You can make your own table linens like I did that are full of scenes of nature or more natural colors

How To make No-Sew Napkins


  • Cutting board
  • Fabric
  • Seam ripper


Step 1: Place the fabric on the cutting board.

With chalk measure the fabric by 10 inches by 10 inches.

Step 2: Fraying the Fabric

Start pulling the thread from all four sides. I work on one side at a time until the fraying is about 1/2 inch long on each side.This is actually calming doing it in your porch listening to music or watching your favorite TV show. This can get messy if you are doing it all different places, because the threads can get every where. You can make the fray as long as you like. The longer the prettier. You can fray almost any fabric. I prefer linen, but cotton was my choice because of the pretty colors.


Step 3: Folding the Napkins.

After you have frayed the fabric just fold in half and you are ready to set the table with them.

For more sewing ideas check out my quilted placemats.

Thanks to Simple/Cottages & Gardens

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  1. What a lovely fall tablescape! Using natural elements is such a pretty way to incorporate some of fall’s loveliness indoors. Thanks for the no sew napkin tutorial. I’m going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning to my autumn decor board.

  2. My kind of tablescape, simple and bright and just beautiful! Leaves and pinecones are just so beautiful paired with candles and perfect for the season!!

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah our styles are have similarities. Have a great weekend.

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