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3 Easy Steps To Make a Holiday Oyster Shell Ornament

Learn to create oyster shell ornaments perfect for a coastal Christmas tree.

oyster shell ornaments

Oyster Shell Ornaments

I know we are so busy with the holidays approaching and you probably are saying where do I have the time to make oyster shell ornaments.  These are going to be the easiest ornaments you will ever make and the best part its something unique and beachy. The best part its so easy to make in just three steps. See The Video Versions here


  • 40 Shells
  • Dremel
  • Ribbons
  • Paint

How To Make Oyster Shell Ornaments

Step 1: Making them brilliant.

To make the oyster shell ornaments they need to be very clean and white. Clean them with vinegar and water. Let soak for a few hours and like magic, they will turn white. You can use a small toothbrush to get any debris off.

oyster shell ornaments washed in pan

Step 2:

Dremel is my new best friend tool. This tool can do so many things. I connected a drill bit to the Dremel. With full speed, you drill one little hole through the oyster shell. You have to get fearless the drill bit gets hot. Do use gloves in case of possible burns. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure. I was blown away by how I was able to drill 40 oyster shell ornaments holes so quickly with the dremel

ribbon, dremel and oyster shell

Step 3:

The hard part is over and now you can get excited the end is near. Cut the ribbons around 6 inches long and pull it through the oyster. You may need glasses for this one. Or you can use a small needle to pull the ribbons through.  Once I pulled 40 ribbons through the shells.  I tied a knot and they were everything I dreamed they be.

oyster shell ornaments with a ribbon

Now that my goosebumps are gone its time to hang these oyster shell ornaments tree. I  found a 4-foot tree that is the perfect size to hang them. I added some thick rope for a garland to give it more of a coastal vibe.

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oyster shell ornaments

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  1. Great coastal vibe! I’m not a neutrals person, but this tree is very calm and serene looking!

  2. OMG! I’ve been making oyster shell ornaments too. Love yours. Mine are slightly different. Great minds think alike!

  3. Maria this is such a fun and original idea. If you are lucky to have those shells then why not use them this way. Your tree is beautiful!

    1. Yeah, we have lots of them laying around the shoreline, but sometimes its hard to pick them because you can sink into the mud, so there is a place that sells them by the bucket.
      Have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks, Bri, It’s really easy to make and if you like a beachy vibe its perfect for that. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing! Excellent presentation and explanation

    1. Thanks for visiting, I truly appreciate it. Hope you subscribed to my blog, planning on having many more oyster projects for 2019.

  5. Liz Sandor says:

    Hi what is the paint inside of the oyster you applied ? To make it iridescent ?

    1. Sorry I should have added that in post. I added the link under supplies where it says paint its by liquitex. You can click on link and buy it there.


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