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How To Make An Oyster Shell Wreath

This simple DIY Oyster shell wreath is a great way to think of this lovely beach days. If you ever wanted to make a oyster shell wreath, this is a super easy project. I am sharing the secret to making a Oyster Shell Wreath.

DIY Oyster Shell Wreath

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How frustrating is it when the pretty wreath falls apart. The oyster shell is one of my favorite elements for DIY. They all look pretty once they are done, but once they go outside after a few months the oysters start falling off.  There has to be an easy way to keep these treasures from falling off.

After much research and burning many of my fingers I soon discovered the secret to making Oyster Shell Wreath. In my previous projects, I used regular glue sticks. There are two kinds of glue sticks regular and gorilla. The gorilla one works the best and the oysters are on extremely well. But that’s not the only dilemma. You have to sand the oyster down and make sure you are gluing them on fabric, wood or something that is porous surfaces. I had made several wreaths where I used regular glued sticks and shells on top of the plastic wreath form. Initially, it stayed on but eventually after being exposed to the elements of outdoors they fell off. So read on to find the best glue.

Materials Needed:

  • Beacon Seashell Glue: This glue is amazing and you will never have to worry about the shells coming off.
  • Burlap: Wide burlap to wrap around the wood.
Supplies:oyster shell wreath

How To Make The Oyster Shell Wreath

Step 1: Wrap fabric around the wreath ring. I used burlap. You can use anything like cotton, denim, or wool.

Step 2: Get some thick rope and make a nautical loop. To make the loop I used this video I found on Youtube. I made some adjustments and was able to create a loop for this wreath.

Use Nautical rope for hanging:oyster shell wreath

Step 3: To make the oyster shell stick find flat ones. It makes it easier to glue to the fabric. Make sure the oysters are clean. I use half water and half white vinegar solution. Let them soak for a few hours and with a little brush, I scrub the dirt off them. Rinse with water and let dry outside for a few hours.

Glue the oyster shell flat:oyster shell wreath

Step 4: Sand the whites of the oysters. Make sure they are free from dust before you apply the seashell glue. It worked great.

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  1. I think my favorite part of your project was that great knot! When my kids were little, my ex put their VERY sandy seashells finds in his dishwasher and promptly clogged it up!I’ve been known to throw sandy dishwater on my flowers! I have never heard of Gorilla glue sticks and will see if I can find them locally. Wreathes, especially those sandwiched between the door and a glass storm door fall apart from the heat buildup.

    1. Thanks, that knot was time consuming, there really isn’t a perfect way to tie it. It takes much twisting and turning with the hands.

  2. What a great tip. I would never have thought to sand the oyster and I can see why porous elements would adhere better and now I know why. The wreath turned out great and makes me want to head to the seaside.

  3. I think oyster shells are beautiful and your wreath turned out great! …glue for seashells?! who knew!
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Thanks, i’m planning to put another row on top, now that the shells adhere. Hopefully they will stick on top of each other.

  4. Beautiful…and love the tip. I live at the beach and am always crafting with shells. They are tricky to work with…I’m trying that glue and the sanding!

    1. Thats great that you will try! I found another glue E6000 thats suppose to be even better.

  5. Patricia Giglio says:

    I would love to see how you made the nautical rope hanger on your oyster wreath. I watched the video you mentioned but still can’t figure out how to get the 3 seperate ropes and how to make the rest of it. Thank you!

    1. I am sorry you are having a hard time. The best thing you can do is make sure the rope is long enough and wrap it around the top of wreath twice than have enough left to create a loop. You have to tie a knot in back and use glue such a glue stick and a glue gun to glue the back to keep together. IF you don’t get it than use burlap ribbon thick and make a pretty bow.

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