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DIY Oyster Shell Bookends

Discover how to make a DIY Oyster Shell bookends perfect for any shelving.

Today I have a special project that I have been wanting to make for the last few months. DIY Oyster shell bookends. They are going to be perfect for my bookshelves. The bookends have a natural coastal charm to them.

Why You Will Love the DIY Oyster Shell Bookends

  • They will make your book shelves look coastal.
  • You can put them anywhere in the house.
  • The bookends have a beach vibe.

Supplies For DIY Oyster Shell Bookends

cleaning the oyster shells

How To Make DIY Oyster Shell Bookends

I can purchase oysters very easily here in the Low Country. I can buy the shells by the bag full at most landscape places. Many constructions companies use oysters in a mixture called tabby which is very popular for people’s driveways and sidewalks. If you don’t have access to oyster you can buy them online too.

  1. I gathered all the supplies I needed to do the oyster shell bookends project. I place about 75 small to medium size oyster shells in a solution of 1 cup of white vinegar diluted with 2 quarts of water for 4 to 6 hours. The longer the better. The vinegar solution will dissolve any debris or dirt.
gluing the wood together

2. I had some leftover 2 by 10 lumber from my home. I took the wood to home depot to have it cut into 4-8 inches by 8 inches.  With liquid nails I attach one end to the other. Let it dry for 24 hours. I painted the wood in off white. Once it dried I sanded the wood to give it a distressed look.

sanding the wood

3. Before gluing them to the wood I place the oyster shell in a design pattern on the wood. I picked shells that are of similar size. There are many ways to glue the oyster shells to the wood. You can use a glue stick or any epoxy glue. My favorite is the seashell glue. Make sure you use gloves.

Start by wetting the oyster shell and add a thin layer of glue on it. Place on the wood and in a few minutes the glue starts bubbling. Clean any of the leakages around the shell. Let dry for 24 hours.

DIY Oyster Shell Bookends glueing them on scraps of wood.

I love how my Oyster shell bookends turned out. They look so good on my shelving in my new home. They are a bit time-consuming and not a fast project to make. Hope you like them.

DIY Oyster Shell Bookends

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DIY Oyster Shell Bookends


  1. Like your bookends but my house is very dusty and I’m not a housekeeper! Would have to use the brush attachment on my vac! Love the beachy vibe of the “whitewashed” wood!

  2. These are really pretty. My sister lives in San Diego and they would be perfect in her home.

  3. This is definitely the perfect way to bring the coast into your home Maria, what great outside the box thinking!

  4. Hi Maria!
    Your style is truly inspiring! I love all of the nature elements you include everywhere on your blog. I am a firm believer in all things natural, homemade and simple. I write a blog myself about such topics and I would be delighted to hear from you on how to write on such lovely topics!


    1. Hi Katherine, I appreciate your comment! I have been blogging for 5 1/2 years. I try to keep true to my brand of natural elements. Just make sure you stay focus on your niche. Its all about writing good content. I’ve come along way, my earlier writings I could cringe. I’m proud that my writings have improved and its all about getting better at your craft, not just the money. Medium is a great platform. Take Care.

  5. Very pretty Maria, I love the coastal look. And your display unit looks stunning.

  6. You always do such amazing things with shells. Love your beauty decor!

  7. I got shells from a restaurant and made some ornaments last year (never posted) so still have a few. Love this idea.

  8. I love these gorgeous shell bookends. I have to find some local shells to make a pair.
    Happy Spring,

  9. I have enjoyed touring your blogs! Wonderful and insightful ideas! Thank you for sharing the beauty!

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