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How To Glitter Pinecones With Your Kids

What a great opportunity to have fun with kids and make something pretty for the holidays. For the 12 days of Christmas Blog Hop day 4, I chose how to glitter pinecones with my grandkids. My grandkids are 2 and 1 1/2 years old. They are really amazing and love to do crafts. I thought the pinecones would be great since they are everywhere outside. With supervision, I added the glue to the pinecones and the boys sprinkled the glitter onto the pinecone. They really got a kick out of the glitter and how they sparkle.

How To Glitter Pinecones With Your Kids


Small Pinecones

Glue ( Kid Friendly)

Glitter (kid-friendly)


Step 1:

Use a paper plate and place the pinecone there. With supervision apply the glue on the tips of the pinecone. I used Modgepodge glue which was thicker than most other kids craft glue. The glue I picked was too watery for this project so that why I choose another one that was thicker.

Step 2:

I gave each of the kids a little container to sprinkle the glitter on the pinecone. We went with blue. red. gold and green glitter. Whatever remaining glitter is left you can put back in the glitter container. The glitter clung onto the glue on the edges and it gave the perfect amount of sparkling color to the pinecones. We set aside to dry and added them around the dining table do they can see what a great job my boys did.

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  1. Fun craft to make with kids. What kid doesn’t love glitter? I’m sure they are excited to have their own diy craft!

  2. Sparkling writing!! Thanks buddy for such a great information!!

  3. This is a great project because we can find pinecones free around us and this is easy enough for small kids too. Pinned

    1. Thanks they were so cute making the pinecones, I really enjoyed doing this with them.

  4. I can’t believe I forgot about doing this with the kids this year. Aiiiiii and it always turns out so pretty and messy 😀 Worth every second

    1. lol it is pretty messy dealing with glitter, but the kids love it. Take care and hugs

  5. I can’t wait to do this with my grandchildren!
    Thank you for sharing this!


    1. Hey Robin Thanks so much for stoping by. They are so much fun especially when the glitter is everywhere.

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