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How To Make Easter Bunny Pinecone Craft for Kids

Spring is in the air and learn how to make Easter bunny pinecone craft for kids.

three pinecone Easter bunnies on faux moss boxes

Easter Bunny Pinecone craft

Spring is such a happy season. I am seeing lots of baby bunnies in my yard. They are the cutest creatures. My grandson enjoys watching them hop around the yard eating the weeds. I have a garden which I just planted some lettuce. I had to add chicken wire around them so the deer and rabbits would not eat them. I  left one of the lettuces exposed so they could nibble on some. Now I have 3 bunnies coming each morning. In the spirit of Easter and these cute bunnies, I created some pinecone bunnies. These are great pinecone crafts for kids. 

Supplies of Easter bunny

Pinecone craft Suppies

ears and jute string for Easter bunny

How To Make Easter Bunny Pinecone Craft

As you all may know that follow me I love pinecones, they have amazing shapes, they are free and you can make so many seasonal crafts with them. My grandson who loves to be outside with me likes to go on walks to pick up pinecones. This is a great craft to get your child connected with nature, and teaching him how to create something. So clear a table and learn how to make pine cone Easter bunnies.

Step 1: Cutting The Ears and Whiskers

With a pencil draw some long bunny ears on the cardboard and cut them out. Cut some twine for the whiskers. Glue the ears onto the top of the pinecone.

glueing bunny ears

Step 2: To Make The Eyes & Nose:

I have lots of vintage buttons and beads. So I found 2 small white ones, 2 smaller black beads for eyes. One small cone shape bead for the nose.

glueing button on pinecone easter bunny

Glue the 2 white buttons on the pine cone. Glue the 2 black beads on top of the white buttons to create the eyes.

white pinecone with bunny ears and black button eyes

Take the twine and insert through the hole on the bead. Add some glue to the back of the bead and glue it on the pinecone and create the nose.

I made several different kinds of ears. Here I created 4 ears, 2 large ears, and 2 small ones. I painted the larger ears with brown acrylic paint and the smaller ones white. After the large ears, dry add a little glue to the edge and stick them into the pine cone. Do the same with the white-painted ears and glue them below the brown ears. The white gives them a nice contrast.

pinecone with easter ears and button eyes

For this cute pinecone bunny, I gave him green eyes. I glued the white buttons first and glued two green beads on top of the buttons.

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pinecone craft of easter bunnies

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  1. Ahhhh Maria, they’re adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pine cone bunnies before, but it works and the way you did the whiskers and nose are perfect. Enjoy your grandson

  2. Cute. Would be a great project with my Sunday School class, too!

  3. Your pinecone bunnies are adorable, Maria!!! Pinned to several boards, of course, because they are just so doggone cute. <3

    Have a wonderful Easter,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Julie Briones says:

    So cute! Thanks for joining us at Homestyle Gathering, sweet friend!

    1. I am so proud of myself that I remembered lol.Hope you had a nice Easter Weekend.

  5. These are the cutest! My grandchildren would love them!

  6. How cute is that, Maria! We have tons of pine cones and kids in our neighborhood. Sharing with my neighbors -:D

  7. These cuties are perfect for Easter. I love your moss cake too.
    Happy Spring,

  8. What a fun project to share with some children. This would be perfect for when our daughter babysits. Thank you for sharing!

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