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12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas To Do This Winter

Since I can remember I loved making pine cone crafts. There are so many different projects you can make with pine cones. My favorite is painting them. So take a look at 12 painted pine cone craft ideas to do this winter.

12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas To Do This Winter

I am excited to share 12 amazing painted pine cone craft ideas from 9 amazing talented bloggers. Painting pinecones add a whole different dimension to pine cone crafting.

pinecones: 12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas To Do This Winter

Tips On How To Paint and cut Pinecones

If you are interested in creating some painted pine cone craft ideas here are some tips to take into consideration.

  1. Clean the pinecones before you paint them.
  2. Use gloves before you cut them.
  3. I use a garden clipper to cut them.

12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas

These colorful pinecones by Passionate Penny Pincher are perfect for decorating any festivity and make a great centerpiece for any table. She uses acrylics paints but any paints will do.

Splattered Painted Pinecones

This is a perfect fun pine cone craft to be done with kids. See how East Tn Family Fun teaches you how to splatter paint on pinecones. I can’t wait to try this one.

Pine Cone Flower Wreath

Here is a perfect example of cutting up the tops of pinecones and painting them different colors to create the prettiest pine cone wreath. See how it’s done at Hearth and Vine.

Gold Pine Cone Topiary

Check out What Meegan Makes cutest pine cone topiaries using peat pots and gold spray paint.

Pine Cone Flower Heart Decoration

Here is another craft using cut-up tops of pinecones and use them to create flowers. Pillar Box Blue creates a pine cone heart decoration not only can be used for Valentine’s Day but any time of the year.

Gilded Pine Cone Garland

For a charming holiday craft, Atta Girl Says sprays paint the pinecones gold and see what else she does to make this garland beautiful.

Painted Pine Cone Roses

If you love roses, Sustain Your Craft Habit has the perfect solution. Create your own painted pine cones roses.

Painted Dip Pine Cones

The Frugal Homemaker shows different ways to paint pinecones. My favorite is the painted dip one which she makes into the prettiest holiday pine cone ornament.

Painted Pine Cone and Cork Trees

If you save wine corks here is an adorable holiday pine cone craft using pinecones and corks. See how it is done at Lydi Out loud,

Glitter Pine Cone Craft

This one is one I did with my grandkids. It’s similar to painting but you use glue, glitter, and a paint brush. I had a ton of fun doing it with them. See it here.

painted glitter on pine cone: 12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas To Do This Winter

Pine Cone Glitter Trees

Diane from In My Own Style has a great gift idea using glitter and crayons. I love to get one like this in my holiday stocking.

Painted Pine Cone Centerpiece

This was my first pine cone project that I did almost 7 years ago. Not the greatest photos, but since I pinned them they are here to stay. How time flies. I used pastel color latex paints with this one. You can see it here.

painted pine cone in bright colors: 12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas To Do This Winter

I hope you have enjoyed these painted pinecones inspiration, I sure did!. If you want more pinecone ideas, check out:

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painted pine cone ideas: 12 Painted Pine Cone Craft Ideas To Do This Winter


  1. Sooooo many really great ideas to play around with. Guess who’s going to be collecting pinecones this weekend 😉

  2. These are all great and inspirational ideas. Pinecones are so great from fall right through the winter.


  3. You have a great collection of pine cone crafts! It will be fun to try several ideas.
    Thanks for including my pine cone topiary, Maria!
    Happy Fall.

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