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23 Pine Cone Craft Ideas For The Holidays

Check out these amazing pine cone craft ideas for the holidays. You will be inspired when you see them.

I love pinecone and have collected many through the years. There are so many ways you can use pinecone in a creative ways. Here are 23 pinecone craft ideas from 23 talented bloggers.

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This holiday season I have been more excited than ever to decorate my home. Maybe its because the covid the last few years put a damper on holidays. This year its been a hopeful season. I hope whatever you feeling for the holidays you can get inspired by these 23 amazing pine cone crafts for the holiday..

Pine cone Crafts Ideas

Pinecone Table Decorations: Simple Nature Decor

For a simple way to add charm to your dining room table without spending a fortune scatter them all over your table.

Wooden Christmas Tree DIY Holiday Decoration: Zucchini Sisters

This is pretty amazing. They took an old furniture leg, pinecones and sliced wood and made this beautiful rustic Christmas tree.

pine cone craft ideas Christmas tree

Evergreen Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape: Postcard From The Ridge

This is such a simple and pretty table filled with my favorite natural elements of pine cones, nuts and pine clippings.

pine cone centerpiece: pine cone craft ideas

Pinecone Gnome Ornaments: At Lane & High

Who doesn’t love Gnomes for the holidays. They are adorable and so easy to make. Check this one out.

pine cone craft ideas with gnomes

Pinecone Swag: Girl, Just DIY

Want something pretty and easy to make. Toni’s Pinecone Swag is perfect to hang anywhere in your home. You will love it.

Painted Pinecone Angel Wings Pillar Box Blue

Transform your wall into something dreamy. Adding these pinecone angel wings will add warmth to your space. Super unique.

Giant Pine Cone Wreath Upright and Caffeinated

Always wanted to find a project to use my large pinecones and this wreath tutorial solves that. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Minature Pine Cone Tree: B4 and After

Add some holiday style to any room with this cute pinecone tree.

White Pumpkin Pinecone Wreath: Simple Nature Decor

I loved mixing elements and for the first time I added pumpkins, eucalyptus and pinecones for a simple yet pretty wreaths for my double doors

Easy Pine Cone Ornament From House To Home

I love these pinecone ornaments because you can hang them anywhere in your home. They are just stunning.

Pinecone Centerpiece: Song Bird

What a gorgeous centerpiece filled with amazing elements from nature. Like Mariane says” its all free.”

Twigs and Pinecone Wreath :Santori Design for Living

Here is another wreath project you can make just using twigs and pinecones. I just love how mother nature gives us all these gifts.

Fox Hollow Cottage :Rustic Jingle Bell Pinecone Tree Ornament

I love anythings with bells on it and this ornament is just adorable.

Large Christmas Tree Gnome Ornament Our Crafty Mom

I love gnomes and Michelle made this guy look pretty awesome.

Pinecone Wall Hanging : Made By Carli

This beautiful pinecone wall hanging is perfect anywhere in your home.

Pinecone Ornaments: Designed Decor

Beautiful and its hard to believe it all made with pinecones.

White Pine Cone Wreath: 100 Year Old House

Make a beautiful framed wreath with the tops of pinecones. Just fabulous looking.

Pine Cone Swag: Up To Date Interior

For a light and pretty swag, this one says it all.

Mini Pine Cone Garland: Home Road

Ad some nature elements to your tree with this pinecone garland.

Faux Bleached Pinecone Garland: Hearth and Vine

Beautifully done with bleached pinecones.

Pine cone craft ideas that are bleached

DIY Rustic Pinecone Wreath: Love My Simple Home

For a rustic wreath with loads of natural elements this wreath is perfect for that.

rustic wreath: pine cone craft ideas

Scented Pinecones: Two Bees In A Pod

Nothing like the smell of cinnamon in your home.

pine cone crafts ideas that are scented

Glitter Pinecone : Simple Nature Decor

This is a great pinecone craft for kids. Show them how you can transform something into a colorful crafts that glitters.

pine cone craft idea with glitter

No Glue Pinecone Wreath: Simple Nature Decor

I finally found a way to make a pinecone wreath that lasts for years.

pine cone craft wreath: pine cone craft ideas

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pine cone craft ideas

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my Miniature Pine Cone Tree!

  2. I’m so craft-challenged but feel confident I can tackle some of these ideas without frustration. Love the glitter cones for kids!

  3. Who would have thought that the humble pine cone could be turned into so many gorgeous things? Guess I’m going to have to go “a gathering” this weekend. There are so many here I’d love to try.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my simple centerpiece with all these wonderful ideas!

  5. I love pine cones and have a collection of all sizes. It’s one of those things I’ll do something with but they usually just end up in a bowl, which I like too.

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