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DIY Recycle Starbucks Bottle Vintage Makeover

DIY Recycle Starbucks Bottle Vintage Makeover

Hello, friends, I am very excited to share this stylish project with you today. It’s a very easy project that takes less than 30 minutes to do. I will show you how to take a star bucks bottle and make a recycled bottle vintage makeover.

If you like me and obsessed with Starbucks Frappuccino drinks than save yours and create this DIY Recycled Starbucks Bottle Vintage Makeover. I have been wanting to add glass bottles on my bathroom vanity and didn’t want to spend $75.00 on bottles. I collected the big Frappuccino bottles instead of the smaller ones so it took me a few months to save them. The labels on the bottles can be peeled off easily use a small blade. You start the label to peel at the end and then just pull off.

DIY Recycle Starbucks Bottle Vintage Makeover


Step 1.  Peel off the labels and add some Goof Off spray to take off the glue residue off the bottles. Then wash them off with soap and water. I advise to put them all in the dishwasher and they will come out super clean and shiny.

Here are the free lemon printables.

Step 2: Print out the lemon graphic print and brush on the decoupage glue evenly on the print. Place the label in the center of the bottle and carefully smooth with a paper towel all the bubbles.

Step 3: Add a pretty ribbon around the rim of the bottle.

These bottles were so plain and making them appear vintage makes them more appealing to my home decor style. I can look at them and get transcended back to Italy.

You can add these anywhere in your home no matter what the season is. For more ideas with labels check out DIY vintage labels jars.

For labels and printables check out Graphics Fairy.


  1. Those bottles look beautiful! I used an amber glass iced coffee bottle as a vase for a little mum bouquet this fall. Coffee bottles are just too vintage looking to throw away. I love your idea of using a simple graphic printable!

    I would love for you to share with us at Thursday Favorite Things (Thursday-Sunday) and All About Home (Monday -Thursday). I look forward to seeing more of your creative holiday ideas too!

  2. Very pretty and easy to make. I love crafts that use recycle materials.

  3. I’m saving this for me next summer. I bought the lemon dishes from Dollar Tree and loved the happy yellow color.

  4. We can no longer put glass in our recycle bin in our town, so I’m constantly looking for ways to reuse my bottles. Thanks!

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