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how To Paint Rocks With Sea Creatures

Who loves painted rocks. Here is a simple tutorial that you can do with your kids or just paint yourself for fun.. Learn to paint sea creatures.

How To Paint Rocks

Summer is almost gone and fall is about to enter. Whats great about painting rocks is that you can do it all year. painting is so cool, I have been wanting to try it with my grand kids. I love painting in general because it relaxes me, so the idea of painting cute images on rocks sounds so much fun. I gathered a bunch of river rock I had in my garden. The rock were round and smooth so perfect to paint some sea creatures on them, My grand kids loved it.

Since my grand kids are obsessed with sharks that was going to be the main sea creature we focused on. Sharks and shark teeth are all the craze with kids. It’s quite easy to make.

Materials needed

Rocks: I used river rock, but you can use any large rock that has a smooth surface.

Paint: I used white, red, blue and black acrylic paint

Brush : Use a artist brush # 2 for outlining the shark and a #16 to fill-in the fish.

How To the paint rocks with Shark Teeth

  1. Clean the rocks and let dry.
  2. With a artist brush outline the shark mouth like a shape of a tent. Paint the inside of the tent all white let dry before you proceed to paint the inside of the shark’s mouth.

3. Within the white mouth, you will paint in red a rounded version of the tent similar to an igloo. Let dry before you proceed to paint the teeth.

4. With a very thin brush paint fine white Ines all around the red portion of the sharks mouth.

If you want to paint other seas creatures like whales. Paint half the rock white.

After it dries paint blue paint outline of a whale by copying mine. Add a few curvy waves on the bottom.

You can do the same on another rock by painting a circle of blue and adding a tiny black whale in the middle. There are so many possibilities with paint colors. For fall I think I am going to try painting some mini pumpkins on these rocks.

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  1. I love painted rocks but have never made any. These are SO fun!

  2. Absolutely so fun for the kiddos. My grands will LOVE this when we have our family beach trips. Thanks so much for inspiring me, Maria.

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