17 Brilliant DIY Ideas in Turquoise

Last Updated on February 9, 2019 by Maria Brittis

I adore turquoise.  The color never goes out of style. If you have a piece of furniture or an accent piece that is out-of-place in your home and want to give it new life try the color turquoise. If you have a neutral thing going on in your home and you want to add pops of color turquoise, I guarantee it would be a hit. You will be amazed how a coat of this amazing color can bring new life to a room or make you feel happy.

Looking for some cool turquoise projects ideas. You have found them! I love turquoise so much that I pulled together 17 DIYs. Check them out!


2. Our Crafty Mom: Thrift Store Cane Top Table

Have you ever wanted to bring life to a new table and make it stand out? It certainly stands out now, so pretty now.


3. Crafty Mix: DIY Pallet Cupboard

This DIY project is super fun, not only is it creative but useful too. I love pallet projects and the way Michele painted the pallet is amazing.


4. The Vanderveen House: Aqua Blue Curtain Hack

For coastal charm, these dyed curtains create the perfect amount of color for a simple space.


5. Where the Smiles Have Been: Mirror Makeover

 I would be smiling looking into this gorgeous mirror.


6. Sustain My Craft Habit: Coastal Coasters

These darling coasters are perfect for gifts as well using them for entertaining.


7. H20 Bungalow: Turquoise Painted Patio Furniture

A Lovely way to bring pizzaz to a patio area.


8. Post Cards From the Ridge: Tale of the Two Night Stands

She took a pair of pretty beaten up tables and painted them a truly unique shade of turquoise, it was the perfect color to bring that wow factor to her space.


9. Petal and Ply: Saltwash Coastal Dry Sink Makeover

Envision this beautiful piece sitting on your patio while sipping some summer drinks.


10. Chippy Tailgate Bench

This bench is just amazing, the certainly created something unique and timeless. This bench will last forever. The color turquoise is the perfect touch.


11. 2 Bees in a Pod:  How To Make Sea Glass Bottles

Adding a fun pop of color to a bunch of bottles is a great idea. See how she created these sea glass bottles.


12. Shoppeno 5: Turquoise striped Coat Rack

Painting over an old piece of furniture is a simple way to make something look happy again. I love how this lovely lady took this old headboard and made it into a coat rack


13. The Handy Mans Daughter: Bright Cheerful Dresser

This project is so cheerful, I love how this dresser got two colors creating a really fun piece for any room.



14. Cribbstyle:  DIY Furniture Paint Makeover

Turquoise is one of those colors that each time you apply it, it’s never the exact color. I am loving this shade in this DIY Makeover.


15. Just The Woods: How To Paint Furniture.

Painting furniture is never easy. I have painted my share of pieces. Our friend at Just The Woods is truly an expert when it comes to painting. Love all her stuff.


16. Little Bits of HomeTurquoise Tablescape

Justing adding the right color can change a table setting ambiance from something plain to stunning.


17. DIY Beautify : Clever Storage Makeovers

If you have an old storage chest this is the DIY for you. I have several in my garage we use for storing our garage stuff. (Maybe my next project)


For more turquoise projects: See my seashell window painted in turquoise.

Love to know which of these turquoise projects inspire you. It truly shows you that turquoise is one of those colors that you can add to a room and create a conversation.

17 Brilliant DIY Ideas in Turquoise


  1. Thank you for including the foot board coat rack in this collection. All of the projects are so amazing.

  2. Wow. So much great inspiration here Maria. I do love the color blue! Pinning for later.

  3. Love those bottles from 2 Bees! Just love aqua and turquoise! Thanks for sharing, Maria!

    1. Oh, and thanks for linking-up at Homestyle Gathering! Hope to see you this week, too! 😉

  4. Such a gorgeous color Maria, and all these pieces look so special painted like that. I think it is a great color choice for adding pops here and there.

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