2018 Year In Review (Best Top 10 Posts of 2018)

Last year probably was one of the craziest and busiest years for me. I started building a new home. I became a grandmother for the second time in 18 months, which means lots of babysitting. My blog has been doing well and trying to stay focus on that is not easy. On top of everything else, I have been taking courses to educate myself on the powers of SEO and auditing my site. The most important which I am proud of is that I try to stay true to myself. My health is very important to me. I find my self in 2018 having more anxiety issues. This is a big red flag for me and I have made some changes in my life to try to get a handle on that. If I had it my way I spend all day blogging. Blogging excites me. In order to do what I love  I incorporated some changes to keep my self-balance. I blog only during the day and leave the night time to rest. I find that blogging at night makes me think too much and keeps me up all night which leads to anxiety.

When I look at all the tops posts for 2018  some crafty, DIY and home decor/ tablescapes posts did well.  I plan on focusing more on those categories with more of a coastal spin.



Indoor Garden Party



Rose & Lavender Sachet



Garden Chandelier



Timeless Blue Tablescape



My Garden Space


How to Create a Stylish Picnic Table

How to Create a Sweater Pumpkin.

How to make gold oyster shell 

Recycle Wreath

Oyster Shell Tree

For 2019 my plans for the blog are to focus more on my store, decor and doing blog audits. It’s not easy starting a store but that is my goal. Stay tuned for more updates on the store. It will have some coastal and nature-inspired theme. For my personal life trying to keep healthy by doing lots of walking and yoga. Thanks for all your support and wishing you a great year.

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  1. Very fun to revisit your top ten! The garden chandelier is where I ‘found’ you! 😉

  2. The garden chandelier is amazing! I can see hanging it in my elm grove by the bench where I like to sit. It’s so creative!

  3. All really great projects Marie. My favorite was the garden space on your porch.

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