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How To Make A Seashell Wreath For Perfect Coastal Charm.

Add the beauty of seashells to your home and learn how to make a seashell wreath for perfect coastal charm.

Coastal Shell Wreath

How To Make A Seashell Wreath

I feel blessed that I live by the beach. I able to drive a short distance to pick up seashells. I decided to pull out my collections of shells to show you how to make a pretty seashell wreath.

scallops and clams: How To Make A Seashell Wreath

What Kind Of Seashells to Use For Wreath

You basically can use any kinds of shells. I used assorted shells, but mostly scallops and clam shape. Any shape from large, medium and small can be placed in a nice organized fashion. Follow a pattern would be wise. It’s best to go with flatter seashells. Cone shape are fine to place a few here and there. If you are going to use some cone shapes make sure you have enough so it looks like a coherent pattern. Just don’t add one add 5- 10 and place them in a nice pattern. If you have only one of a kind like a star that is relatively large do what I did and place it along the side of the wreath.


Supplies:How To Make A Seashell Wreath

How To Make The Seashell Wreath

  1. Pick out your form. I choose a twig form which I had. I clipped some loose twigs and made sure it was nice and clean. Foam forms are easy to use if this is your first attempt in making a seashell wreath.
  2. Decide the pattern you like. I went with mostly medium and small size scallops and clams. Place the seashells with the hollow part down. For any gaps you can add smaller clam shape seashells to cover it.
  3. Since I was using this wreath inside. I used gorilla glue stick. If you are planning on using this wreath outside use E600 glue. E600 comes in a tube with tips. All you need is a drop of this glue its super tough.
Glue seashells:How To Make A Seashell Wreath

For this seashell project I used Beacon Seashell Glue, it another glue that is great for outdoor seashell projects. Check out DIY Oyster Shell Bookends, I used the beacon glue for this seashell DIY.

How To Add The Burlap For Hanging

How To Make A Seashell Wreath

Tie a piece of wide burlap ribbon long enough to wrap it around the top of the wreath. No need to glue the ribbon onto the shells. Just hang it over a nail on your door or whatever you like.

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    1. Thanks Sandra, it was a very fun diy to make, i love shells this time of year.

  1. I love the way this looks with sea shells! It came out so pretty!
    Kate |

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Have a great week. Its still quite warm here, how is it where you live.

  2. Maria this is so charming. It is the perfect wreath for us who are still feeling the summer and are not yet quite ready to jump into fall. It is still in the 90’s where I am and although Fall may be my favorite season it’s hard to think of sweaters and such in this weather. I love this, simple, elegant and full of impact!

    1. There are tons of shells on the beach this time of year, so its a great time to make a shell wreath, have a wonderful week.

    2. I love your comments, they are so thoughtful and make me feel warm inside. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Very pretty!! Perfect for a coastal home.


    1. Yes, its a great time for shells, we have tons of them on the beach, instead of fallen leaves we have shells.

  4. This wreath is beautiful! I love using natural elements in my decor.

    1. Roxanne, Natures inspired elements are so pretty all year round! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I am loving this so much! You know I am all about coastal decor, and this wreath is perfect!

    1. Emily, I think the coastal is one of those elements that can be used all year around.Thanks Emily for stopping by

  6. This is so cute! Shells are such a fun way to decorate.

    1. I love sea shells throug-out the year, every season I love them around.

  7. This is so pretty……lucky you living on the beach.

  8. I love your coastal fall wreath. What a pretty way to use collected shells! Last year, I began incorporating coastal into my fall decor and I’m adding more this year. I spotted your wreath on Hometalk and noticed you’re from Bluffton and wanted to stop by to say hello from Charleston.

    1. Cool, so excited to meet you, I love Charleston and go there when ever I can.
      We will have to stay in touch.

    1. Judith M Duffey says:

      The glue is E6000. Noone since 2016 has apparently thought they should comment with the correction.

  9. This is too cute! I’m totally into coastal pieces right now!

    1. Thanks so much for liking my coastal wreath, it was such a delightful and easy project.

  10. The burlap ribbon is the perfect touch! I love it.

    1. Liss, I’m glad you think it looks good, I was wondering if I needed more color.

  11. This is so pretty, Maria! What a great way to display a collection of shells, too!

  12. Living in Florida, this is a perfect wreath year round

    1. The wreath is holding up pretty good with the warm weather her in the south, the glue is holding it together pretty well.

  13. Maria, your wreath is so pretty. I love the bright white against your screen door. Great all year round.

    1. Thanks Michele, glad you like it, I am so tired today, taking a break from all the crafting.

  14. Charlene Curry says:

    What exactly is lemon water?
    What percentage of lemon, water,
    Etc.? Love the wreath! I have a dark
    Door. Always looking for a light colored
    wreath to put on it!

    1. Charlene Thanks for stopping by, you put 1/2 cup of lemon juice mixed with 2 cup of water, let sit for about 15 minutes in a bowls, sometimes I use less for smaller amount of shells, 1/3 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of water.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and looks like you have enjoyed the wreath.

    1. So true.. We have green leaves at this point, some day they will be red, but not for months! Have a great week.

  15. What a gorgeous idea! I love all things nautical, and the shells simply speak to me. I’m visiting from over at Share Your Style link party.

    Sarah @ Gypsy Girl Revivals

  16. Hi Maria: I don’t live anywhere near the ocean unfortunately. I really like this wreath, the textures are intriguing. Its quaint in all white (always my fav) I am were the leaves change and I would trade you in a heartbeat. Leanna

  17. What a beautiful wreath! I spent years of my childhood living a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, so this really speaks to me. I’m also loving your door. It’s so beautiful!

    1. Joy, that must have been amazing spending your childhood by the ocean, I moved here in my late 30’s so its been a treat.Thank dor stopping by.

  18. That’s so pretty, Maria! For a person who lives near the coast I’d say use it year round and just switch up the ribbon. 🙂

    Happy Thoughts of Home.

  19. This is beautiful Maria! Love the idea of using shells for Fall. And that door of yours is just so gorgeous, so any wreath you put on it is spectacular.

  20. That turned out beautifully!! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  21. i love how things are celebrated differently around the US. Shells totally make sense for fall in your area…love it! Thanks for joining us at Welcome Home Wednesdays! See you tomorrow!

  22. This is so pretty — love the seashells! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. 🙂

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