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Ocean Pour Painting Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish

If you love acrylic pour painting try creating this ocean pour paint oyster shell jewelry dish.

2 blue and white painted oyster shells

When I was a child I loved painting on seashell with my mom. My favorite was when my mom would paint these cute snows flakes on the inside of a seashell. Her Christmas tree was filled with them and we always loved to see what she would create.

Here is another post that on painting oyster shells in gold.

What is pour painting

Pour painting is know as acrylic flow painting. A method created using paint to pour on a surface to create a flowing design. There are many different kinds of techniques for flowing patterns and in todays post I am using ocean pour painting.

Why You Will Love These Ocean Pour PAinting

  • Fun to make.
  • Your table will look amazing.
  • Great way to keep jewelry secure.
  • A great gift idea.
supplies for ocean pour painting

Supplies To Make ocean Pour Paint Oyster Shell

  • Oyster shell: I used 3 large oyster shells.
  • Blues & white paint: For the ocean I used 2 shades of blue and a little white to make the foam. Amazon has a kit with everything you need to make the ocean pour painting technique. I didn’t use it but thought it be a good idea for beginners.
  • Gold paint: I use this on the edges of the oyster shell

How To Make The Jewelry Dish

  1. Clean the oyster and let dry
oyster shells in plastic bucket

2. Paint the inner part of the ostyer shell with white acrylic paint.

white oyster shell

3. After the white paint dries prepare the blue paint in a small cup. Add enough blue paint to cover 1/3 of the cup, add same of Floetron and pour oil. these ingredient will make the paint easy to flow.

cup filled with blue paint

4. In a separate cup do the same with the other shade of blue and white paint.

blue and white paint in oyster shell

5. To achieve the ocean pour painting technique. Pour all the paints starting with the blue, then white and blue again into the oyster shell. Swirl around letting the paint drip into another container. I used a paper plate. That way I can throw them out and use a clean one for another color.

You can control the design by the way you tilt the oyster shell.

pour painting in oyster shell

Let it dry for 24 to 48 hours.

Painting the edges. With a squared artist brush paint the edges carefully.

paint gold edges on oyster shell

Pour painting is my new favorite thing. There are so many ways to create designs.

Butterfly pin in blue and white oyster shell
What are the best paints to use For Pour Paint.

Acrylic paints are the best to use because they provide great coverage. They sell fluid acrylic paints which has a thinner consistency than regular acrylic paint. But you can use regular acrylic paint that you have in stock and thin the paint with Floetrol and pour oil.

What happens when you use oil based paint? You can use oil based paint to pour paint. Its a bit tough to get it to a consistency to pour but it can be done. Its much better to use acyclic paints. Never pour them together. When mixing the oil paint add the floetrol to the paint and that should make it much more easy to pour.

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blue and white ocean pour paint on oyster shell

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  1. That’s lovely, Maria. I’ve been wanting to try a pour for the longest time but the mess on large pieces always puts me off. I’m already too messy when it comes to crafting, but this I’ll definitely try.

    1. This technique is fun, however, the paint never stops flowing so I always wound up with a “pool” of paint in the shell, which I didn’t want.

      1. You need to dry to pour all the paint out and not use to much, its trial by error.

  2. Love how the technique turned out on your oyster shells Maria! So beachy!

  3. What is the ratio of paint, floetrol and pour oil? Thank you for posting how it is done.

    1. I used 1/3 cup for each….After the white paint dries prepare the blue paint in a small cup. Add enough blue paint to cover 1/3 of the cup, add same of Floetron and pour oil. these ingredient will make the paint easy to flow.

  4. So do you use 1/3 of a cup of the paint, 1/3 of a cup of floetron and a 1/3 of a cup of pour oil? Or so many drops of the floetron and pour oil.nsay like 5 drops each?

    1. use a small cup like in the video, 1/3 of the cup paint,1/3 of pour oil and 1/3 of floetron, remember these are small cups. hope that helps

  5. Hi! We tried this with red and white and we ended up with too much contrast. Can you suggest anything to paint over them with so we don’t lose the original work, but can soften the contrast? A glaze or sponge painting technique? Thank you!

    1. Once you paint them its best not to paint over them but use another oyster shell.Thanks

  6. Yellowlab says:

    Do you need to use both Floetrol and pour oil?

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