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How To Watercolor Hearts On Tea Towel

How to watercolor hearts on tea towels is so much fun and relaxing to make. These tea towels will make a cute accent for Valentine’s Day your kitchen. All you need is tea towel, watercolor, fabric medium and artist brush.

  This month I am sharing this fun Valentine tea towel with the Thrifty Style Team hosted by the talented Julie from Redhead Can Decorate. Every month we share something that is affordable to make or decorate. This month challenge topic is either Valentine theme or affordable home decor. I love painting and I truly enjoyed creating this

When I was a child I loved painting and I showed promise. I went off to college and studied some fine art classes but didn’t keep it up and switch majors to marketing. But after all the years I still have a bug for painting.
If you like to learn to water color something easy try these heart shapes. I will show you very easy techniques.  For more painting ideas check how to make a pineapple.


Normally painting watercolors is done on paper. In this tutorial I will show you how to paint on fabric. It requires a fabric solution called fabric painting medium. What the medium does it prevents the water color from bleeding on the fabric. Its amazing solution. I started painting the hearts on tea towel and it was not working because I was using water. I researched that a fabric medium was helpful and it sure made my painting much faster and easier. DecorArt Americana has one. You can find it on Amazon. or Hobby Lobby.


  • Painting something on your own is a great feeling.
  • The tea towels will make your kitchen look beautiful for Valentine’s Day.
  • It’s a very affordable project to make. You can use any paints such as acrylics or watercolor. Most of us who are creators have lots of paints around so no need to purchase a water color kit. 
  • It will make a great gift idea.


Tea Towels: I found my tea towels at Amazon, For 5 tea towels were about $2.00 each. These towels come in bulk and they are very inexpensive. It’s a very affordable project.

Watercolor set with all the basic color, including white for mixing.

Artist Brushes using a #8 is my favorite.

Fabric Medium: This will prevent from bleeding.

Micron pens: This is to make the hearts stand out more.


  1. Wash the tea towels before you paint them, The tea towels or any linen have chemical compound that make the paint not adhere well.

2. The first thing to do is draw the hearts with a micron pen. The easiest way to draw them is to practice small hearts on paper. Then create them on each corner of the tea towel about 5-10 hearts.

3. Now for the fun part. Start watercoloring them with an artist brush. I use a #8. The key to painting on fabric with water color or any paint is fabric medium. This solution prevents the paint to bleed. Trust me I learned the hard way using water and paint does not work on fabric.

watercolor hearts on tea towel

3. When you are painting the heart start in the middle and work toward the edges. No need to make the heart perfect. Water color has a messy look and that’s why I love it. Let the whites of the tea towel show. Let it dry for an hour and iron the tea towel to set the paint.

watercolor hearts on tea towel

Now you can use the tea towel in your kitchen or even in the bathroom.

watercolor hearts on tea towels

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    1. These are so delicate and pretty! Perfect for Valentine’s Day…and, I love the tip about the fabric medium. I’ll have to add some to my craft stash.

    2. What a sweet tea towel, perfect for Valentines!

    3. These heart tea towels are absolutely the sweetest. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. xoxo, kristi

    4. Those little hearts look adorable! What a great way to upcycle an old tea (or new) tea towel. Thank you for the tutorial.

    5. Super cute towel. I love that you free handed the hearts to create your towel. Anybody would love to receive this as a gift.

    6. Maria, These tea towels are so cute…ironically I just came across my mother’s tea towels last night!!! She was certainly sending me another sign. Thank you so much for the inspiration this month!

    7. Love your sweet tea towel, this would make a wonderful gift.

    8. Maria, your tea towels are lovely and would make a great gift! I’ve never heard of fabric painting medium. Thanks for the excellent tutorial! Pinned 🙂

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