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Red White & Blue Acrylic Pour On Oyster Shells

My painted oyster shell is super easy to make and your table will love them. This festive red white & blue acrylic pour on oyster shells is perfect for the 4th of July tablescape.

Acrylic Pour On Oyster Shells

When I was a child I love picking sea shells on the beach. In this tutorial I used oyster shells I found by the docks near the inter-coastal water way.

The next time you want to make a oyster shell project try making this one.

Here is another post that that can teach you how to make Ocean Pour Oyster Shell.

WHAT IS AcRylic Pour On Oyster Shells

Oyster shell acrylic pour is taking different colors of acrylic paint and pouring each color individually onto the oyster and while moving them around to create a unique design.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE Red White & BLue Oyster Shell

  • They are easy to make.
  • They will make your tables look beautiful.
  • Its a great dish to store your jewelry.
  • A great gift idea.
4Acrylic Pour On Oyster Shells

SUPPLIES TO MAKE Red White & BLue Oyster Shell

  • Oyster shell: I used 3- 4 inch wide oyster shells.
  • Paint: I used red, white and blue acrylic paints
  • Gold Paint: I love the Krylon gold paint but its hard to find. The Rustoleum gold paint works well too.
  • Spray sealer:  I used Modpodge spray sealer.
  • Paint tray: To catch the paint when dripping.
  • Floetrol: Makes the paint thinner so it flows better.
  • Pouring oil: Makes the pouring easier.
  • Brushes for painting. One flat edge brush for gold edge. One large artist brush for painting the back of shell gold.

HOW TO MAKE Acrylic pour Oyster Shells

  1. Clean oysters thoroughly.
  2. This is an option but you can paint the black part of the oyster white. I started doing that and realize that the acrylic paint is thick enough to hide the black part of oyster.

3. In three separate cups pour floetrol, pouring oil and red white & blue paint. Each cup has its own paint colors. Its one part paint, one part floetrol and one part oil.

cups filled with paint forAcrylic Pour On Oyster Shells

4. Experiment and pour the white paint first, then red and then blue. Move it around and around and until the paint intermixes creating pretty design.

 lady holding Acrylic Pour On Oyster Shell

5. Let it dry for one day and turn the oyster over to paint the back gold. I used a brush instead of spraying it.

6. After everything has dried next paint the edges gold.Use a flat edge brush.

7. Once everything is painted let it dry for a day and use a spray sealer to spray the front first, let dry and spray the back.

gold painted edges Acrylic Pour On Oyster Shells
What are the best paints to use

The best paint are any acrylic paints you may have. It blends well with the floetron and pouring oil.

For the gold paint I have tried three versions and loved the Kryon gold paint using a brush. I tried a spray paint and it was to messy. Also try a gold leaf paint and found that very expensive.

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  1. loved reading your blog, it brings a lot of memories, I love paint too and I remember my father used to take us to beaches in California on weekend and how me and my sisters used to collect shells and big stones and paint them.

    1. Hi There, thanks so much, hope you are well. Thanks so much for stopping by you are so sweet.

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