How To Make A Wooden Bead Garland With Oyster Shell

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Maria Brittis

For a super stylish and easy craft learn to how to make a wooden bead garland with oyster shell. It’s perfect for coastal decor.

large wooden garland on  bed

If you have been following me then you know I love oyster shells. Plus if you are reading this post than you must of looked up wooden bead garland and know how popular they are. When I first saw a wooden bead garland I thought that there was something stylish about it. I realized that I don’t need a farmhouse styled home to decorate with it. In fact by me adding the oyster shell I made it more coastal.

You don’t need any craft skills to make this garland its super easy. You will be so excited after its done.

Here is another post that that can teach you how to make wooden bead napkin rings.

What Is A Wooden Bead Garlnd

The wooden bead garland is unique since it uses jewelry beads. You could say its jewelry for your home. You can make it in different lengths and use any size bead you like. (Which I’ll get into that later.) The garland will bring the perfect touch to decorate your table, mantel or where ever you like. You can place in bowls, on top of books, on a coffee table and wrapped around items on the mantel.

lots of wooden beads

Why You Will Love To Make A Wooden Bead Garland

  • It is easy to make.
  • You can place them almost anywhere in your home.
  • Any beads can be used.
  • A great gift idea for a friend.
  • You can make them in any decor style from farmhouse to coastal decor. I added an oyster to make them look coastal.
hemp string  tied around oyster shell

Supplies To Make Wooden Bead Garland

  • Hemp: Polished help 1 mm.
  • Drill: I used a Dremel to drill a hole in oyster shell.
supplies for wooden bead garland

How To Make A wooden Bead Garland

  1. Pick out a oyster shell and drill a hole at the top. I decoupaged my oyster shell with a chinoiserie napkin. Here is a tutorial on how to decoupage an oyster shell.
drilled hole in oyster shell

2. Cut the hemp long enough to string 100 12 mm beads on each side. Insert the hemp through the hole and tie a square knot.

tied knot by oyster shell

3. Insert both threads into the first bead to give it a main bead balance as a center bead.

one bead  added by oyster shell

4. Add about 100 wooden beads on each side of the string starting on the right side.

thread beads with polished hemp

Once you string all the beads tie a square knot at the end. You can hide the little knot inside the bead.

large beads with knot

I am super excited how it turned out. I am loving the oyster shell.

wooden bead garland with oyster shell on bed

How To Decorate With Your Wooden Bead Garland

I was looking for some coastal accents and these wooden bead garland was perfect to add in a bowl or any place in my home. I placed my garland in several different location in my home. My side table one inside a round bowl.

wooden bead garland in bowl on side table

My favorite place that I added my garland was the coffee table inside the tray. With a few books and a candles it’s all I needed for a coastal vibe.

wooden bead garland in tray
What are the best Beads To Use

There are many types of beads. Wooden beads are the most reasonable and come in many different sizes. Natural wooden beads are popular because of their natural beauty. You can get wooden beads in many different woods such as sandalwood, rosewood, ebony and palm wood.

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wooden bead garland in bowl

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  1. A beautiful combination, Maria. I have such a stockpile of wooden beads in all colors and sizes and need to find ways to start using them. You’ve just given me a great gift idea and if I start now I’ll have a few ready for Christmas 😀

  2. Rosemary Palmer says:

    I love oyster shells – and adding anything to beads takes it up a notch.

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