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Personalized Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish

Whether it be a wedding or just a gift for a friend check out my personalized oyster shell jewelry dish.

For my daughter wedding engagement I made these pretty oyster shell personalized jewelry dishes. They can be used for their wedding rings. I wrote with a gold pen her name and fiancé name on them. I position the name on the top and wrote a saying on the bottom.

I am lucky to live close to the water where oyster shell is of abundance.

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What is Oyster shell

Oyster shells are hard exoskeleton of a mollusks that are from the family called Ostreoidea. Most oysters live in saltwater or brackish waters. Their shells contain high levels of calcium carbonate. The shells can be used for many coastal decor projects such as this one.

Why You Will To Make Oyster SHell Dish

  • They make a great way to store rings.
  • They look great on your table.
  • They are great for wedding favors
  • A great gift idea.

Supplies To Oyster shell dish

How To Make Personalized Jewelry Dish

  1. Wash your oyster shells with one part vinegar and one part water and let dry.

2. Paint the edges with gold metallic paint. I used a flat point tip artist brush. Brush along the edges carefully.

oyster shell with gold edge

3. With a gold paint pen write whatever you like. I made these for my daughter engagement party so I wrote her name and her fiancé. On the bottom I wrote inspiration quotes they came up with. Tip: Start by writing in script their names on paper to get used to the way it feels to write with the gold pen. Tap the tip on paper to release the gold paint. Then start writing on the oyster shell.

oyster shell with gold writing

I painted around 14 unique oyster shells all with different sayings. My daughter and her fiancé loved them. If you make a mistake quickly with a wet paper towel wash off the gold paint. It is acrylic and it will wash off. But it you let it stand for a few minutes you cannot wash it off.

personalized oyster shell jewelry dish
What are the best Oyster shell to use.

There are many size oyster shells. The best ones to make a dish are the ones that are deep in the middle that look like a small saucer.

oyster shells and a gold pen
Where To Buy oyster shells.

You can buy them on Amazon . If you live near the beach you probably can find them at the oyster factories. I live in coastal South Carolina where there are plenty of oysters to purchase.

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oyster shells on a plate

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  1. Maria, I have been SO impressed with all of your beautiful oyster shell crafts! I have a supply of shells saved and may go ahead and try some of them one of these days! I am sharing these in my newsletter today! HUGS! Chloe

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