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7 Simple Ways To Transition Your Outdoor Spaces For Spring

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I love the feeling of Spring coming and how it means change for our outdoor spaces. New plants, new flowers and new transitions for the home. Here are 7 simple ways to transition your outdoor spaces for Spring.

1. Wreaths and Doormats

Hang a festive wreath or two on the front door. It can instantly change your front door space. If you still have your winter wreath out pack it away and look for something more spring-like. My Lemon Wreath is a perfect choice, or if you are into flowers try a Spring floral Wreath. Want to add even more pizazz to your front door space add a colorful textured doormat

2. Teak Furniture Pieces.

Everyone knows I love the color white for much of my decor. If you want to brighten your front porch nothing more beautiful than natural teak chairs with beautiful white cushion perfect for the Spring. You can always add some color later with a colorful pillow or two.

3. Ottoman and Pillows

Accents create the whole final look for your decor. A simple round ottoman or two can make such a difference. I was blown away to see the before and after when I added these two ottomans in my screened-in porch upstairs. Here I added some color to my white crisps cushions by choosing blue pillows to finish the look.

4.Outdoor Lounge Furniture

When considering outdoor lounge pieces considered comfy oversized couches and matching club chairs to accommodate a large gathering. Maybe your current couch is too small and you need to transition to something bigger because you are planning on entertaining more.

5. Outdoor Benches:

Outdoor benches are great for decorating your garden space. I love mine in my courtyard. It gives a look of garden art. It’s a great place to sit and reflect. You can add sunbrella pillows to give them warmth. It is a constant reminder to go outside as much as possible.

6. Firepits

There is nothing quite like cozying up to a warm fire with loved ones during the cool spring months. My firepit is super popular around my house.  roasting s’mores with the family is one of my favorite things to do. You can add a fire pit without breaking the ground. Lumens has beautiful freestanding ones

7. Planters:

There is no better way to say goodby to winter than with planters. It is an easy way to cheer up an outdoor space that’s lacking something. My garage entrance was lacking some planters. So I added these self-watering white planters. I planted a mini bush that will bloom with flowers in the spring. Check out Lumen’s self-watering planters.

When you are walking outside your space think about ways you can add simple ideas to get ready for Spring.  You may need more color so adding a doormat, planters or a simple wreath might be all your need. If you do need something bigger like a new outdoor couch or lounge chairs. Remember whatever you choose think about quality. My outdoor porch furniture was an investment that has lasted years and it still looks brand new.

For more Outdoor ideas check out relaxing ideas for your outdoor spaces.

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  1. Nice ideas. Love the fire pit area and colour of the shutters! Did you paint those? Is so, what paint/colour?

  2. So many lovely ideas Marie. We’ve been wanting to build ourselves a firepit for such a long time and just never seem to get round to actually doing it.

  3. I love all these wonderful ideas for outdoor living spaces.
    I can’t wait to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather but I must wait until the pollen dies down in Atlanta!


  4. I love these ideas, Maria. They are beautiful. I need to put a wreath on my front door, but it has a glass storm door.

    1. Deanna they have special wreath holder you can put on the top of the door to hang wreath from. Stay well and healthy.

    1. Yes the weather is a godsend inspite of what we are all going through. Hugs and stay safe.

  5. So many wonderful ideas Maria. I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy warmer weather.

  6. I could easily see myself using any one of these ideas to my apartment back porch. Thanks and stay safe Maria.

  7. I love the creamy white colored house with the blue shutters. This is exactly the color combo I want for our house when we repaint! Great outdoor ideas!

    1. Charleston White and French Blue by Sherman Williams I think, the builders kept changing companies. Thanks so much and good luck with your home.

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