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10 Best outdoor furniture ideas for the fall

To fully appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons here are 10 best outdoor furniture ideas for the fall.

Outdoor Furniture Ideas

I can’t believe summer is coming to an end and cooler temperatures are coming. This doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. To me fall is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. There are so many ways to appreciate the changing seasons. Having the right outdoor furniture does play a part in this enjoyment. If you are going to purchase new outdoor furniture for the fall and winter season its best to go with ones that can withstand the harsh elements. Wicker is one that last outdoors, wrought iron is heavy and durable, aluminum can survive extended period outside .

outdoor furniture ideas That Will Inspire You

This lounger is made from all weather resin wicker making it perfect for the fall and winter. I can see laying in the lounger with a comfy blanket and sipping a cup of tea while watching the colors of the fall season. The lounger is made from eucalyptus and hardwoods which is pretty sustainable. It’s finished with long lasting stain. The seating is all weather woven wicker. This is something I am considering for ourmountain home we are building. The weather in the mountains will get pretty cold and snowy so I expect these will be perfect on the deck.

Adirondack chairs: outdoor furniture ideas

For a simple and comfortable way to enjoy the cool weather, Do it in a Adirondack chair. They are classic and perfect outdoor chairs. These are super popular in front of a fire pit.

Garden bench:outdoor furniture ideas

Throughout the fall I love sitting on my garden bench and watching the ever changing colors of the seasons unfold. I garden all season pulling weeds and getting the garden ready for the next season. I have one in my garden and its great for sitting and taking a break.

Frontera Americana Resort Rocker

Americana resort rockers:outdoor furniture ideas

This is the best rocker I have ever owned. Frontera does stand by their name of being the best rockers in the world. When it arrived to my house it was unassembled and well packaged. I wasn’t thrilled about putting it together. But once I opened and saw it was only a few pieces. It was a piece off cake putting it together. I was impressed with the quality. I actually made a Youtube video.

Tyrie Linear Teak Deep Seating Two Seater Settee

Teak Outdoor sofa:outdoor furniture ideas

You can go wrong with an outdoor teak sofa. Teak through all the seasons can tolerate all climates. Keeping your teak lubicated with a special oil is the best way to keep it long lasting. I keep my teak furniture out all year. The fall and winters here’s in South Carolina get cold and rainy but my teal furniture is great.

Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 2300W Electric Heater

Outdoor Furniture Ideas That Are Warm and Cozy

Outdoor heater can be a great way to enjoy the outside with family and friends during the cold months. If you are planning on ordering one for the winter months do it early because the demand for them are very popular and expect a few months delay.

ron Embers Polygon Fire Bowl

This Fire Bowl is a affordable fire pit. It can keep you warm for hours. It has rain holes to keep water draining which makes it so much easy to keep clean.

Woodard Belden Aluminum Sling Glider

Alumiumun benches are great for the fall and winter months. Its look great and its constructed with high quality aluminum and rust resistant which is important . This brand Woodard has been around for over 140 years, so you know its quality.

Fire Tables are great because they can stay outdoor during rain and snow. If you are living in an area that gets snow its a great way to stay outside and stay warm. Keep it covered from snow with a cover. You can take the cover off and use it. Its the best feeling sitting on your outdoor porch with a lovely fire table to keep you warm. Its worth the investment for long term use.

Everything listed here in this post is the perfect outdoor furniture you can get for fall and winter months. No matter how durable your outdoor furniture is. It’s best to have covers for them. If you live in a snowy area you can lift off the cover and not have to worry about shoveling snow off them.

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  1. If our backyard were only bigger! Love all these ideas Maria!

  2. I love all your seating ideas for enjoying nature during the cooler months. I live in Florida, and that is what we love to do.
    Happy Fall,

  3. How weird, I’ve been shopping around for a new outdoor set since our patio set is looking a little sad a dilapidated. So your post couldn’t have come at a better time. i wonder if I can convince the hubby to add a small firepit for the Winter months.

  4. You have so many gorgeous choices! My cottage apartment back porch would be so inviting with any one of these pieces. Thanks for sharing Maria.

  5. Rosemary Palmer says:

    Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors whether reclining for an afternoon nap, or just rocking the night away.

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