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7 Best Planters That Will Add Style To Your Outdoor Space

If your home has a large or small outdoor patio or balcony, planters are an easy way to add style and greenery to it. Choosing something unique will definitely be a conversation piece.

1. Outdoor Hanging Planters

Outdoor hanging plants are especially attractive when you don’t have much outdoor space. You can hang multiple of them from your porch ceiling to create a garden sanctuary. I love the Eva Solo hanging self-watering planters because they are simple and have a sleek modern style that highlights the plants. Check out this link on how this particular planter looks on Lumens Website.

2. Tall Planters

Taller planters are perfect for large outdoor patios. Matching them in pairs near a patio door is one of my favorite looks. Depending on if you are planning to move them around will determine what kind of material you will like. If you are planning to keep them in one spot for long periods of time concrete is the way to go. I love going with something lighter like plastic or fiberglass because if you are like me moving things around all the time. Fiberglass is definitely the way to go.

3. Farmhouse Style Planters

Even though my home is a contemporary design, the casual charm of the farmhouse-style patio of oversized pots in different sizes is still appealing to me. There are many ways to arrange these pots. I wanted to plant some vegetable plants so the heavy, oversized pots are perfect. They can’t tip over from the wind.

If you are planning on moving them the lighter materials such as plastic are perfect for flowers or whatever plants your choose.

4. Planter Stands

Standing planters with thin, tapered legs are great added accent for the modern furniture. Plants and shrubs are the ideal choices to fill your planter’s stands. These planters look just as good grouped together as they do standing alone. Use them to fill out spaces in your patio space.

5.  Square Planters

If you are looking for simple and minimalistic design square planters are ideal for achieving this. Large, dramatic plants that stand upright help create a contemporary design. Choose potted shrubs and palms style plants. Here in front of my garage, I added two square self-watering pots. It’s perfect since I don’t have to worry about watering them. They are perfect way to exemplify the modern design that I was looking for my home.

6. Bowl Style Planters

 These stylish choices look great in the gardens. Ideal to add a touch of Zen beauty, this type of planter also look great in groups.


7. Self Water Planters

I love self-watering planters. I have one and it has saved me time and money. These pots and planters have a built-in reservoir, allowing you to water your plants by simply adding water to the reservoir rather than having to keep track of the moisture level of the soil and watering according to each plant’s needs.

If you want to give your outdoor shrubs an added level of dimension by planting them in decorative pots and planters. Lumens can assist in setting the style for your patio. Starting 5/20 Big Sale offering savings up to 50% on modern lighting, furniture, and more, plus free shipping, during the Memorial Day Sale. (For orders over  $400) Use code: STRING for a free gift. ENDS 5/31!

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This is a sponsored post by Lumens, All opinions are my own.


  1. Deana Landers says:

    Maria, these planters are beautiful. I especially like the self -watering planter. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful plants are pretty containers.

  2. Perfect timing! Have been searching for ideas to decorate outside. The self watering would work great!

  3. Great information on all the types of pots and planters, Maria. Thank you.

  4. Thanks! Looking for ideas for a squirrel-proof patio planter to try my hand at tomatoes. I have missed going to the Farmers’ Market during Covid to find them!

  5. I love the idea of a self-watering built-in reservoir. That’s genius. We have a few pot plants in our front garden that I always forget to water, so those are ideal

  6. Planters are a weakness of mine. When I had a large front porch and yard, I had many. I love the self-watering too.

    1. I love mine self watering its been a treat not to worry about watering. The weather is getting pretty warm here.

  7. I can never resist a pretty planter, these are all beautiful!

  8. Maria, I do love self-watering planters but never have tried them. Will have to check out Lumens website and see what they have that could fit with my French country style garden, thank you!!

    Happy planting and enjoy your new garden,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Barbara, The bowl planters tend to be pretty nice for classic homes like yours.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Maria. This is a great concept with so many gorgeous choices. It is hard to pick just one.

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