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15 Bedroom Designs You Will Love

Whether it’s a clean, modern and luxurious bedding, or a soothing color palette, designing a bedroom around the concept of easy living does not have to be challenging. Here are 15 Modern Bedroom Designs You Will Love.

15 Modern Bedroom Designs

Seamless Design

For me investing in quality furniture has always been important to me. Even if you can only afford to purchase one piece at a time, it is smart shopping and worth every penny.

For furniture that is every bit of what I envision. The Berkeley Bed is something worth checking out.

If you love modern Art & Craft design with clean lines this bedroom collection is perfect for you. I am in love with the array of wood finishes. It’s perfect for a light and airy bedroom. 

Elegantly Organized

For a unique Art & Crafts drawer that has the functionality of organizing smaller items like lingerie and socks. The Berkeley 7 Drawer Dresser has this and more. Organize queen Marie Kondo philosophy finding what you love in an easy way and displayed beautifully is a wonderful feeling.

Statement Piece

All of Berkeley bedroom furniture is handcrafted by Copeland Furniture. Berkley 10 Drawer Dresser makes the perfect statement piece for a Scandinavian bedroom.

Moody Tone

Mirrors can create such a mood for a bedroom. I love having it in my bedroom because it can make my life so much easier after getting dressed or if I want to smile at myself.:)  The Berkeley Mirror which is a full length mirror which has a lovely Arts & Crafts style making a truly special addition to any bedroom.

Comfortable & Easy Design

Less is more when it comes to this spectacular looking Astrid Collection. The Astrid Bedroom Collection design can only bring one thing to mind when you are looking at this design. A restful sleep. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

As pleasing to the eye the Astrid bed with two head board is. The bed comes in many different colors. I am truly in love with the white maple. Decorating this is so simple, a textured rug, with a hanging floor lamp is the perfect touch.

Unique Wood Hues

All of the Astrid Bedroom Collection comes in an array of wood finishes. If light wood hues is on your want list. Then the white maple in Astrid 6 Drawer Dresser  will look absolutely gorgeous.

Astrid furniture:modern bedroom designs

Modern Look

When shopping for a floor lamp to compliment the Astrid bed, look no more. The slim and elegance of the Astoria floor lamp is the perfect touch. This adds just enough style to the decor. I love the spherical shade.

Astoria floor lamp:modern bedroom designs

Soft, Cozy and Functional

Italian designer  Stefano Cavazzana hit  a home run when he designed the Swami bed with storage unit.  The bed has style, functionality and elegance. The storage unit on the bottom, a genius idea. You can get it without it…. but why? One can never have enough storage space.

Swami Bed:modern bedroom designs

Blending Light & Dark Hues

When it comes to decorating with modern furniture blending dark and white hues are extremely popular. The darker finish of the Modulluxe 2 drawer nightstand along the side of the Swami Bed looks amazing. Such a versatile side table that can be used with almost any style bedroom.

Side table: modern bedroom designs

A Little Glam

When accompanied with simple pieces, glam decorative pieces like a statement rug from Maltino Rug can surely make an impression.

Maltino Rug:modern bedroom designs

Luxurious Woven Fabric

Elevate your bedroom space with this luxury Tiemann Lounge Chair. Another successful design for italian craftsmanship. The chair is bound to be a classic forever.

Young At Heart

Nelson Thin Edge Bed is the ultimate bedroom for a child to grow into. Creating spaces for him or her to grow in is only smart but also provides a collection of furniture pieces that are sustainable and classic.

Fun & Unique Styles
Glaoui Alexandra rugs are perfectly designed and versatile in any room. I love this rug because it makes sense for a kids room. The fun fridge detail makes it super trendy and a fun design.

Hope You Enjoyed 15 Modern Bedroom Designs

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  1. I have really been drawn to modern, clean lines lately! These are beautiful pieces.

    1. I started getting draw since I started decluttering and loved how easy to clean and organize.

  2. I’ve never really liked the whole modern thing until I saw all of this eye candy. Wow!!! Those legs on the Astrid beds really appeal to me. So different, they seem to give the piece personality. Thanks for planting a little seed Maria.

  3. We’re getting ready to remodeling our bedroom. I like many of the more clean lined modern ideas.. These were great ideas. Thank you, Maria.

  4. Everything is so modern and serene looking. I love the light coloured wood. Dreamy bedrooms. We are currently redoing our master bedroom. I had not considered new furniture, but that light wood is amazing.

  5. Great collection; I would love to switch it up and go modern!

  6. Beautiful pieces with great details, Maria. It’s amazing how we can change a whole room with just one piece of furniture.

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