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6 Steps To Refresh Your Outdoor Space For The Spring

Are you excited about leaving the winter? and heading into the Spring. Here are 6 Steps To Refresh Your Outdoor Space For The Spring.

This has been sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions are mine alone. 

Spring is around the corner. That means new life outside with plenty of inspiration to get ready for Spring. As the weather gets warmer and flowers started blooming,  fresh flowers can bring life to your outdoor space. Big bright planters filled with new flowers are perfect for ringing in the Spring weather. Colorful decor accents can add the right amount of pop for a stylish outdoors. Let these 6 simple outdoor ideas make it easy for you to get ready for Spring.

1. Decorate your outdoor tables by adding decor accents such as a classic blue and white vases. I found my vase at Wayfair under Urn and Vase Category.

It adds the perfect amount of color to my table.

2. For a contemporary look for your outdoor space add a white ceramic stool and complement it with Adirondack chairs. They are great for lounging around the fire pit.


3. Let your family and friends enjoy themselves for informal dining with a comfy table set while surrounded by nature. I loved my new blue and white vase so much that I purchased another for my outdoor dining table. I couldn’t beat the affordable price.

4. Add a few new large planters to your home. The planters have a built-in irrigation system which cuts the amount of water needed. I love my new planters from the outdoor department from Wayfair. The planters come with diagrams explaining how to fill with rock, then soil, and ultimately the plants. It was very helpful.

5. Deer get hungry in the springtime. To eliminate all your flowers from being eaten by deer. Plant flowers that are deer resistant.

6. One of the easiest ways to brighten your outdoor space is to add lots of colorful flowers. For my new planters, I filled them with deer-resistant flowers which are also colorful. Flowers such as Daffodils and poppies are common flowers that deer avoid. They also turn their noses up at fragrant flowers with strong scents such as herbs like sages, lavenders, and peonies.

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  1. All of this is absolutely beautiful. I really love the pathway to the firepit!

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