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How To Make A Paper Bag Easter Basket

If you love to recycle and create craft projects then this post on how to make a paper bag Easter Basket is perfect for you.

How To Make A Easter Basket From A Grocery Bag

Paper Bag Easter Basket

I love creating crafts from recycling stuff around the house. Grocery bags are great for so many crafts.  I was researching online and found several things you can do with them. The one that stood out was the Easter basket by Lia Griffith. Since Easter is around the corner. I thought it is perfect to create a post on how to make a paper bag easter basket.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Grocery Bag
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler

How To Make The Paper Bag Easter Basket

tutorial on How To Make A Easter Basket From A Grocery Bag
  1. With a ruler and pencil measure 18  strips of 1.25 inches wide
  2. Cut 18 strips
  3. Glue 6 of the strips into 3 long ones.
  4. Fold remainder of 12 in half.
glueing strip on How To Make A Easter Basket From A Grocery Bag

Step 1:

With 2 extra paper cuts (brace) clue 6 folded strips onto each brace.

Step 2:

Weave both together to form a base. Center and tighten the weave. Glue two more braces into ends of strips.

forming the base How To Make A Easter Basket From A Grocery Bag

Step 3: 

Fold paper and crease at the edge of a weave on all four sides. Take the 3 long strips and weave them through the base over and over until you reach the top

Step 4:

At the ends trim each inside strip and fold-out tucking the strip under the top row strips. Repeating trim outside strips and fold inside and tuck under the top row strip

make the handle for How To Make A Easter Basket From A Grocery Bag

Step 5:

Weave the handles of the grocery bag. Cut two square strips, 2 by 2 and glue the handles on each side.

I really loved how it turned out. I filled the Easter Basket with green filler. I added a bunch of colorful Easter eggs from the Dollar Store and tied a big white bow at the end.

What Is The Best PAper Bag To Use.

There are all kinds of paper bags. I find the best kind are the ones from the grocery store. They tend to be thicker. The thinner bags tend to rip easier. Shipping paper is another strong alternative to grocery bags.

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  1. Maria, this is a great and would be a good project for families this Easter. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Deanna, its a little time consuming but once you have all the pieces it falls into place.

  2. What a neat idea to do with the kids and teach them about upcycling too. I hope I’ve got enough paper bags to play around with, otherwise, we’ll just have to dig into our wrapping paper stash 😉

  3. So cute – great to add your own color to fit your decor with this neutral basket. Or maybe fruit after Easter.

  4. What a fun idea! I have to give this craft a try. I always ask for paper bags at the grocery store since they can be used for crafting.
    Happy Spring,

  5. Such a great idea – especially now that grocery stores are switching over again from plastic!

  6. Maria, I love how this turned out. I have a million baskets here at the Farmhouse but could always use one more, especially a DIY one. Already pinned to a few of my favorite boards.

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