5 Ideas To Make Your House Guests Feel Welcome

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5 Ideas To Make Your House Guests Feel Welcome

With summer around the corner, guests are bound to be coming over. To ease your stress here is 5  ideas to make your house guests feel welcome. These simple tips for decorating the bedrooms with charm and simplicity. Best of all these decorating ideas for guests can be used all year long.


I have only been in my new home for four months. Since the kids are all grown and on their own. I designed one of the bedrooms as a  guest room which can be used for friends, my grandkids as well as my own kids that visit. I purchased two twin beds. I love twin beds because you can entertain multiple guests who are friends or young adults or kids that want their own space.


2. Bedding

Blue is a great color for decorating. It a calming color and creates a relaxing space for guest. I choose a Bohemian design for the bedding in a blueprint. I picked a lightweight comforter that is perfect for the summer months and warm enough for winter. The reversible duvet cover creates a charming multicolor accent on the bed. Duvet cover set by Laura Ashley.


3. Towels (Bath Linen)

We have the beach and pools close by so fresh beach towels are a must. Place them on the bed for your guest to make them feel they are being pampered. They will look great as part of the bedside vignette. I love these beach towels by Correia, the quality is very good.


 4: Keep some interesting magazine and books in case they want to relax on the bed and read. I keep a book on meditation in case they want to find some solace. If they are in the exploring mood a magazine on what’s happening in the area.


5: Let them feel welcome by having tea or coffee brought into their room or left outside the door.


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  1. Maria, you have created such a lovely and peaceful space for your guests! I love the soft blue walls and your bedding is absolutely stunning.

    Happy Summer!

  2. Julie Briones says:

    Such a beautiful room, Maria! And I love the tips you shared. You are always welcome at Tuesday Turn About, my friend!

  3. That duvet was made for me Maria. Love the whole mood of the room. So beautiful serene and blue!!

  4. What a beautiful space. Your friends and family are never going to leave!

  5. Simply beautiful. I love the color and style, it refreshing. Love this post.

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