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How To Make An Oyster Shell Valentine’s Day Wreath

Oysters are the perfect food for Valentines Day. I thought how to make an Oyster shell valentine’s Day wreath would be the perfect Valentine craft.

Valentine's Day Wreath with flowers

How To Make An Oyster Shell Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s day is all about love. Oysters have a history of being a very romantic food to eat. (Interesting article.) What sweeter way than to make something for the people you love. That’s when I decided to make a Valentine wreath made from oyster shells for my family. I plan on displaying it in the family room so everyone can see it. If you want to create something special for your loved is it.

supply for Valentine's Day wreath

Supplies For Valentine’s Day Wreath

Oyster shells are sometimes hard to find. You can order the oyster shells from Amazon. You can also use small beach shells for the same look.

  • Oyster shells
  • Valentine wreath with red ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
  • Glue gun
  • Glue stick

Clean the oyster shells:  Valentine's Day Wreath

Step 1: Clean the oyster shells

Pick out oyster shells that are the same size. Make sure they are relatively flat. Then put them in a solution of one part water and one part bleach or white vinegar. Let sit for a few hours. Brush off any particles of dirt. Let them dry for the day.

glueing the oyster shell on Valentine's day wreath

Step 2: Glueing the oyster shells.

Glue the oyster shells all the way around the edge of the heart. Do not glue the oysters randomly on the wreath. The key is to pick a relatively flat oyster shell that is similar in size. The big ones are too heavy for the wreath. Once you have finished gluing the oysters on the edge of the wreath. Start adding the shells inside.

Glueing inside the wreath

Step 3: Glueing the oyster shell inside the heart shape.

Make sure that each oyster shell is clean from any debris when glueing them down on another shell, otherwise they won’t stick.

hanging the oyster shell Valentine's Day wreath

Now that the oysters are all glued to the heart shape particleboard. Let them dry for a few hours before hanging on the wall or adding a pretty bow.

I loved the way my Oyster shell valentine wreath turned out. I even added a big red bow perfect for Valentine’s Day.


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Valentine's Day Wreath

I love the way it turned out. Check out the Video on how to make this wreath

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If you love crafts and would love to learn different techniques like this Valentine Oyster Shell Wreath check out free classes at Blueprint.  It’s online learning the easy way.


  1. I love the heart, what a lovely way to use oyster shells.

    1. I love Valentine Day, This heart will be a perfect wreath for me. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I have so many just let me know if you need any and ill send you some.

  2. So pretty Maria and oyster shell have the beautiful luster that I bet looks stunning when the light catches your heart just right.

  3. Maria, this is such a fantastic idea. I collect shells everywhere I go on vacation, so I think I will try to make a heart with sea shells. Thanks for this inspiration.

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