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Easy Watercolor Pineapple Painting  Tutorial

One of the reasons why I love watercolor painting, It doesn’t need to be perfect when you are painting. The flow of the water is what makes watercolor painting special. You can add more water to create a softer look or ad less water for bolder color. In this easy watercolor pineapple painting  tutorial  I won’t be showing you technique but just a fun way to paint  pineapple. By using a template you can paint within the lines of your pineapples and get creative. In essence it’s step by step watercolor painting for beginners.

Pineapple Template
Transfer Paper (Graphite)
Paint Brush
Watercolor paints
Cup of water
Old plate
Paper towels
Masking Fluid
Masking fluid applicator or a thin brush.

Step 1:

Transfer the pineapple template to the watercolor paper using transfer paper. Place the transfer paper graphite facing down onto the watercolor paper. Place the template on top of transfer paper and use a pencil and start drawing the shape of pineapple lightly. It will appear on the paper. If its to dark you can use an eraser to lighten the leaves. I purposely darkened the leaves so you could see how it appear. You can use this as your Pineapple Template

Step 2:

You will need to create vertical criss cross lines on the body of the apples. For this use a masking fluid with a thin brush. Apply thin line of the fluid. It creates  a rubbery outline. When you paint over the body it will resist the paint leaving those lines white. Use the pineapple template which has the lines as a guide. After a few hours after the yellow paint dry, remove the making fluid gentle with an eraser. It will reveal nice white criss cross lines. You can see that in the last image in this post.

Step 3:

Now its time to paint! You can use a small watercolor set that you can purchase from Amazon. I found a starter set with all the primary colors you need. Use # 8 brush to start painting the leaves. Basically I combined blue and yellow to get this green. Do this by placing it on an old plate and combine the two colors until you achieve the green you like. It doesn’t need to be all the same color green on the leaves, add variations to the leaves. Make some parts of the leaves bolder than other parts. If you add to much water use a dry brush method to absorb the water and spread it around.

If you want to learn techniques I recommend Blu Print for lessons. They have classes in easy watercolor paintings for beginners. That is where I learned some of my techniques. I also took classes near where I live in Beaufort, South Carolina is known as an art community and tons of art galleries.


Unfortunately my cat spilled water on the painting a few hours later, so I wasn’t able to use this for my free printable. Instead here is another pineapple I painted using a different shade of green. I added more yellow so the green was lighter. I also used a technique called dry brushing in this watercolor painting where you  absorb some of the water in the paint using a dry brush. You are welcome to print this out and get it framed.

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  1. I like the forgiving nature of watercolor as well. Thanks for the tutorial on the pineapple – I haven’t tried masking fluid yet but I can see how much easier it would be if I used it.

    Also, congratulations on opening your Etsy store. I’m a new Etsy seller this year , too, and I know how exciting (and a little scary) it is.

    1. Hi Susan, Thanks for the nice comment! Hope you try your hand at watercolors. Whats you store name I’ll stop by and visit. We etsy shop owners need to support each other. I have been getting lots of views. I guess thats a good thing. Thanks Maria

  2. Very pretty! I am not very good at watercolor, but what a pretty printable!

  3. Mother of 3 says:

    That is beautiful! I haven’t worked with watercolors in years but I just may have to pull them out soon. Pined.

  4. This looks like so much fun AND something I could actually do. Love that you included the template and for those who may not have the supplies, they can just print it (that’s me LOL). Pinned.

  5. Very pretty! I have been saving ideas so that I can try some simple painting techniques, so this is perfect!

  6. You are so talented, I can’t do anything with watercolor unless I don’t mind the result seems to be made by a 4 year-old. I will show my daughter, she is really good at it and will love it.

  7. Oh Maria! I love water colors. I have dabbled a little. But, yours is just delightful and inspiring.

  8. I love this and I’m going to have to add that masking fluid to my craft stash!

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I love watercolouring and really would love to learn how to do it. I started a little over a year ago and stopped again. I hope I can pick it up again as it is really a lovely pastime. Pinning!

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