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How to Arrange Framed Prints On The Wall.


I have spent small fortune framing my art work and prints finding later that the frames don’t quite match my decor. Maybe its because I am redecorating a room and the frames or the art work don’t match. Since I love designing a wall filled with my prints or art work and do it often framing my own prints keeps the cost down. (My post on how to frame prints and save a ton of money)

In todays post here is a guide on how to arrange framed prints on the wall. I have loads of tips and tricks.

Tip 1:  Clean the frames and glass.

Nothing is worse that hanging your framed art and finding particles of something on the glass. Dust off the frames first and then clean the glass.

Tip 2: Design the wall for hanging the art work.

Most of the time you will need 2 people to help measure the wall. My husband is great in measuring. Find the area that you want to hang your framed prints. My design for the wall in the sitting room one large mirror with 4 framed prints around the mirror.


Tip 3: Hanging the Framed Prints

I measured the distant from a to b which was 88 inches. Then I took the measurements of the mirror which was 34 inches. I had 54 inches to play with to hang the 4 framed prints. For each framed print I measured 6 inches on each side from wall to frame, then frame to mirror. Place a small pencil mark on those points. That is where you are going to hang the framed prints.

Trick: To make the prints look perfect make sure you have the same amount of  walls showing equally. Take you time in measuring.


Tip 4: Measure for nail in the wall.

Turn the frames over and measure the wire hanger from the middle to the top. If  it’s 5 inches mark it on the wall where you measured for the frames to be placed. Insert a nail into the wall if the frame is light. If it’s heavy you can use an anchor and screw for support.


Tip 5: Hanging multiple framed prints.

For multiple framed prints use the exact same measuring instructions as before. Tips here is to make sure the top and bottom have the same amount of wall space showing.




Hope you will find this post useful.


  1. Julie Briones says:

    Love those prints above the fireplace! Your home is looking so lovely, Maria! I bet you are enjoying the decorating. 😉 Blessed to have you at Homestyle Gathering!

  2. Thank you so much for the tips and tricks to a gallery wall. I am in the process of creating one in our dining area and am a bit intimidated.
    You have helped me to get going on this project.
    Thanks, Maria.

  3. Love, love, love these prints! So fresh!

  4. These look so beautiful, I love them all and your home!!

  5. I love these botanical prints! And where did you get that desk chair? It’s so pretty!

  6. Your prints are lovely and so are those wood frames. Where did you get them from Maria? I love the wall that is full of pretty blue.

    1. There is a link for the 11 by 14 frames in my post, its in the affiliate or you can go directly to amazon. They are cheaper than the ones I used from Frame shop USA. Hope that helps.

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