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How To Organize Your Inventory For Etsy Business

If you have a online business like Etsy. Having an organized inventory closet makes all the difference. How To organize your inventory for Etsy business should come in handy.

How To Organize Your Inventory For Etsy Business

How To Organize Your Inventory For Etsy Business

I wish I had organized my Etsy closet before I started selling. We are all guilty of procrastinating when it comes to organizing. For me, it took the end of a year to get going and organize my Etsy closet. I wish I organized my Etsy inventory closet sooner. Already I am feeling motivated and optimistic about new ideas and promotions for my store.

My Capri Home Etsy store is filled with Mediterranean inspired products mostly hand made by me and my sister.

Decluttering closet:How To Organize Your Inventory For Etsy Business

Supplies Need to Organize Etsy Closet

  • Labels: Adding labels for each shelf to identify where everything is.
  • Tape
  • Shipping boxes and bags
  • Packaging supplies

How To Organize The Etsy Inventory

  1. I took out everything that did not have anything to do with my Etsy store such as candles, pinecones and other craft supplies from my other projects with Simple Nature Decor Blog. Those will all need to go into another closet for Simple Nature Decor.
  2. I gathered all the supplies I used for the creation of my Etsy items and created a place that I can easily find it.
  3. I added labels with the name of the supply and taped it right by the shelf it was located.
  4. I organized the ribbon. I made sure the ribbon was neatly winded up and color organized.
  5. The paint and glue easy to get to. The tile coasters neatly stacked up ready to be picked up for the next order.
  6. Tape, scissors and pens

Organized Etsy Closet:How To Organize Your Inventory For Etsy Business

Free Label Printables

Here is a free printable that you can use for labeling where everything goes for your inventory.

label tags for etsy inventory closet

Paints and Glues

Paints and glues are an important part of my process in creating the coasters for my Etsy store. I went thought all the bottles and made sure they were filled. That way I would not have any surprises when I was making the coasters.

Packaging Supplies

Your packaging is what makes your brand stand out. With easy access to tissue paper, ribbon and tags I can package my product quickly.

organize etsy inventory

Shipping Supplies:

Keeping a variety of different shipping supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, bags, and boxes. Some products like holiday stockings or baby clothing don’t require boxes a simple mailing bag is all you need. Heavier products like my coaster do require boxes.

I added a label for my products and designated a specific shelf for them so it is easy to find them.

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  1. My craft closet seriously needs to be organized. I’m almost scared to open it up half the time just in case I get buried under an avalanche of stuff 😀 Thanks for the incentive. I’m going to have to make a plan this weekend.

    1. I know that’s how mine was, it really is a pain, but once you start its help the mind relax is what I say and see clearer. :))

    1. That’s sweet of you. I took a class with gal Gemma how to start a drop ship business, but I found that it was very hard to get drop shippers for all products and sometimes the product does not come wrapped or presented nicely so that reflects on you. I actually enjoy making some of the products.

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