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25 Coastal Home Decor Ideas You Will Love

There is nothing more relaxing than a coastal home filled with nautical pictures, driftwood and touches of seashell. Check out these 25 coastal home decor ideas you will love.

Not everyone can live by the beach or lake. You can fill you home with the relaxing feeling that you experience at a beach or lakeside vacation. By incorporating light painted furniture, seashells, starfish, driftwood and coastal artwork you can make this happen.

The soft colors that you get at the shore are great for creating beach and coastal decorating ideas for your living space.

I have curated 25 talented bloggers coastal home decor ideas filled with natural elements textures and colors of the beach or lake. Enjoy getting inspired.

What Defines Coastal Home Decor

Coastal home decor are blues hues, beach decor, natural fibers and weathered wood furniture. Whether it be the lake or beach there are many ways to make a coastal space come to life. There are many styles of coastal decor. My two favorites are modern coastal decor which is sleek and minimalistic and traditional coastal decor which is filled with seashell, driftwood and nautical artwork. I love adding a little of each to my own home.

water tour home post luigi

Why You Will Love to Add Coastal Elements

  1. It will add a fresh new perspective to your home
  2. With coastal design you can get vibrant colors and beachy prints.
  3. If you love crisp lines, bold shapes, and sleek minimalism than coastal decor is perfect for you home.
  4. Love adding nature elements to your home that are derive from the beach or lakeside, than this style is for you.

25 Coastal Home Decor Ideas

  1. Table & Hearth

With beautiful shiplap in your bedroom, make your bedroom a beach cottage escape like in this beautiful coastal bedroom from Table & Hearth.

Simple Nature Decor

In this home I added rich dark woods and light colors for a true tropical Caribbean vibe. For more information about this home. LIGHTHOUSE AWARDS+HOME TOUR

3. The Happy Housie

Add pops of colors to create a tropical setting. Krista adds beautiful turquoise colors in her home by the lake.

4. In My Own Style

This beautiful lake house has the perfect blend of my favorite colors for coastal decorating which is pastel colors for bedding and white painted furniture.

5. The Space Between Blog

If coastal decor is your next choice in decorating your home adding a nautical sign along with natural elements such as baskets will certainly achieve this.

6. Up To Date Interiors

Displaying seashells in a tray like Kathy did here adds so much coastal charm.

seashell ont tray:coastal home decor ideas

7. Nina Hendrick

For a beautiful modern farmhouse adding rich woods with fish art and large lanterns makes this one of my favorite coastal ideas for lake house.

8. Setting For Four

The mantel are always the perfect place to place coastal elements.

coastal elements on mantel:coastal home decor ideas

9. Green With Decor

Foyers are the starting point of your home. I love how Meg took her foyer and transformed it with the perfect coastal furniture and accents.

coastal foyer:coastal home decor ideas

10: Love My Simple Home

Adding touches of indigo make the most beautiful coastal dining room.

coastal dining room:coastal home decor ideas

11: Artsy Chicks Rule

She transformed her living room into a light and airy coastal space.

12: Song Bird

Natural fibers and coastal elements are the perfect for beach cottage decorating. Marianne does a lovely job in bringing the look of a coastal farmhouse into her home.

13: Marty Musings

One way of transforming a bedroom to some beachy. Marty added painted shiplap to her sons bedroom.

14: Dabbling & Decorating

Comfy pillows and throws, Natural fibers make this a perfect Coastal Maine Cottage.

16: A Life Unfolding

For a coastal cottage look, check how unique and you can do this and transform your bed with cedar shakes.

17: Sand Dollar Lane

Want to add some coastal style to you home. Do it with pretty coastal art.

coastal  artwork:coastal home decor ideas

18: 2 Bees In A Pod

Candles are extremely popular for coastal decorating. I have them everywhere in my home. you can make these by following the tutorial at 2 Bees In A Pod.

20: Cocoon Raw

Create a coastal wall with hats and baskets intermingled with other art work.

21: Girl Just DIY

If you need ideas for for accents pieces for your coastal home decor. How about making these cute coasters. They are the perfect colors for a beach theme.

22: H2O Bungalow

One of my favorite ways to bring a coastal theme is by adding beach inspired art work and signs to your wall. Wendy makes it look so easy and you can too.

coastal wall decor:coastal home decor ideas

23: Jessica Welling Interiors

Jessica designs the perfect kids bedroom with bunk beds. Bunk beds are a great way to add extra space in your home when guests come to visit .Decorate them with a beach theme its the perfect coastal kids bedroom.

beach  bunkbeds:coastal home decor ideas

24: Zucchini Sisters

For a beautiful coastal tablescape as you see in Zucchini Sisters add blues and whites for nautical look.

Bue and white tablescape:coastal home decor ideas

25: The How To Home

One of my favorite ways to decorate a table is with a tray filled with coastal elements like this seashell candle holder. The ideas are endless when it comes to decorating a homes in coastal home decor.

coastal home decor ideas

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    1. Janet, Glad you like my home and the lowcountry area as we call it around here in coastal carolina. Talk to your soon.

  1. I was perhaps most excited to see your home of all of them on the tour! Although I am landlocked in central Florida, the new to us home is a coastal/low country style and I have been trying to weave my way through to decide on my design style. I absolutely love your long marble counter in your master bath and can’t wait to take on our bathroom this winter. The ceiling in your master bedroom is heavenly! I have subscribed and look forward to seeing more from Simple Nature Decor!

    1. You are a sweetheart, thanks so much, I would love to see you home when its done send me pics.

  2. Hi Maria, your new home is simply beautiful. You’ve skillfully designed a home that brings the best of nature into each room! A great example of lowcountry loving at its’ most elegant style.

    1. Sandra, so glad you stopped by, im pretty happy with my home, I truly enjoy spending time in it compared to my other homes.

  3. Your home is beautiful! The setting is so pretty. I love the marsh. It reminds me so much of my college day in Charleston. I always think of Charleston and I can almost smell the marsh through the computer. Thanks for the tour!


    1. Nancy, did you go to Charleston College, my daughter almost went there and I wished she did, but she ended in NYC, which is I guess more exciting, but I miss her. If you ever in the area let me know and I can take a drive and meet you for lunch.

  4. I love the marsh views! What a stunning home you have and you’ve decorated it so beautifully! Happy summer!

    1. Hello there Heather, Its been so much fun meeting all you gals. Its the best party sharing our love for the home. Happy to hear you enjoyed the marsh views and my home.

  5. Hi Maria –

    Your home is fabulous…dreamy…everything so well thought out and I love your clutter free vibe. I am not too far from you, perhaps we can meet up sometime in the future. So happy to have found you through the tour.

    1. Diane, that would be amazing to hook up, are you going to the Haven, I plan on going for the first time. Maybe we can meet there too. Where do you live. You can email me at if you like.
      Warmest Regards, Maria

    1. Emily you did such a wonderful jon in organizing, and you were such a gracious host. I truly enjoyed it.

  6. Your home. YOUR HOME!!! Oh my stars – it’s goooooorgeous!!! I love all the white with the reclaimed wood throughout your home… and no clutter? Yes, please! Seriously. I think I want to move and build a house now! Thanks so much for sharing your home with the people of the internet, myself included. Loved it soooo very much! 🙂

    1. Marie, Love the name! Thanks for such a nice comment, it was great fun to do this waterside tour, Emily did such a great job organzing it.

  7. Catherine Shaw says:

    Lovely, upscale home, so classy, and right on the water!

    1. Thanks Catherine, I’m not on the water, but across the street, those are pictures by the water near my home.

  8. What a view! Your home is stunning and welcoming. Your style is beautiful Thanks for inspiring me.

    1. Meegan, great that you stopped by, Thanks for the lovely comment! I also was in love with your home, it was so great meeting everyone, I’m sad its over, 🙂

  9. Wow! Your property and house is just stunning. I love the rustic elements inside with all of the white. It’s perfect.

    1. Kathy, hope you have a nice holiday overseas, do you celebrate the 4th there.

      1. On base we do!! We are camping with friends at a military base right on the beach this year. 🙂

    1. Have a wonderful 4th with your family and thanks for the lovely comment on the waterside home tour. xoxo

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for taking the time to stop by, we sold the first home and purchased another pieces of land. Hope to see you at he Haven


    A beautiful home in a beautiful setting…. thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by to say you enjoyed my home! Where did you see my home?

  11. What a dream home! What a dream neighbourhood! And the exterior of your house has be salivating. It. Is. So. Stunning!! Wow – love, love, love! And you are inspiring me with your simplicity and uncluttered look!

  12. Hi Maria, Great house and lovely tour of the grounds! It’s great that you could learn from the first house. I really like the breezeway between parts of the house. Well done! Blessings, Janet

    1. Janet, life is so important with memories, each home you cherish all the moments you had in it, i do miss the other home, but this home has been very easy to care for.

  13. Such a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing it with us at Merry Monday!

    1. Amanda, Thanks, glad you stopped by to see my home! it was such a nice challenge with all the bloggers, everyone has such lovely homes.

    1. I love windows too! just a few make a big difference. Have a great Sunday

  14. Good Evening Maria!
    Oh, such a lovely, lovely home you live in and I love all of the thought that you have put into it.
    Love the breezeway and I see so much gorgeous detail, I know you must find such joy and tranquility here!
    Thank you ever so much for sharing this at TOHOT!

  15. Maria,

    Thank you for the beautiful home tour. I found you by way of Rhoda at Southern Hospitality’s Friday Feature of your home. We just purchased a new to us cape cod home in the DC area, and your home will serve as inspiration for a new direction for my decorating efforts.

    1. Carollyn, I am so touched by your comment! I am thrilled you found me at at Rhoda, she is an Angel! I was so happy she featured my home on her blog. I would love to see you home, I will go check out your blog too. All my best Maria

  16. What a beautiful home you have Maria. It is so nice when you can build it to your exact specifications and needs. We built ours years ago and the architect did everything wrong! Haha! I don’t think I’ll be building another one anytime soon. But yours makes me yearn for one like it. It is the perfect beachy home. And your decorating style is impeccable.

    1. Mary: You are a sweetie!

      I have built many homes and had problems in the previous ones, but this one I was destined to do it my way and not listen to any one but me and it worked, I got what I wanted. I knew what works and what did not! I built small instead of large and that was very important, to have something manageable. Let me know if you ever want to built again and we can go over ideas. Can’t wait to see you at the Haven.

  17. “These coastal home decor ideas are perfect for your beach house or summer cottage. They are easy to implement and they will bring the ocean into your living room.

    All the ideas are amazing and refreshing to bring the beach home. Thank you for sharing the article.”

  18. Jenny Jenkins says:

    Looks like some very helpful information! I read the entire article and I love the writing style and passion in your posts. I also found some amazing information here Again, I enjoyed this so much. Thanks for the excellent post. Keep it up!!!

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