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Building My Dream Home In Palmetto Bluff Resort

Building my dream home in the lovely Palmetto Bluff resort was truly a wonderful experience that I will always cherish.

Plans of Building My Dream Home In The Community Of Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff Resort

Palmetto bluff resort its like no other. It’s a vibrant residential and recreational community filled with wildlife, unspoiled rivers and salt marshes. Its a treasure beyond words.

sustainable landscape

Why We Built In Palmetto Bluff Resort

In 2004 we built our 1st home in Palmetto Bluff resort. We were looking for a special property and we found it there. I didn’t expect to buy anything that day, but after seeing all what Palmetto Bluff had to offer we fell in love and purchased a 4 acre lot. It was a very private lot surrounded by water. We lived there until 2006 and because of the down turn we decided to sell it and get something smaller. The house was too big for us and we wanted something smaller.

Building our Second Home In Palmetto Bluff Resort

Our second home in Palmetto bluff was much smaller with a half acre lot. I loved the property because it had views of the equestrian area. We interviewed several builders and went with Reclamation By Design. They are award winning builder.

 They were so easy to work with. When I had questions about how things are done they explain so patiently! My husband and I have learned so much from them. We used one of their house designs. Since they already built this home somewhere else we were able to make the plan our own with some changes.

Features of My Palmetto Bluff Home

  1. Concrete Flooring

I always wanted concrete flooring in my home. It was surprisingly affordable to do. It gave my home an industrial feel which is what I loved.

2. Framing changes

During the framing process, my husband and I have been going through each room making any changes in sizes of closets or little things like the positioning of the vanities tubs and toilets.

TIP: Framing is a good time to make the changes at no added cost. But once the framing is done you really can’t make any changes unless you pay extra.

woodwork phase of Building My Dream Home In The Community Of Palmetto Bluff

3. Woodwork.

My design plans for the walls is to have shiplap up the stairway along the hallways. Too much wood can look overdone unless you want a look of a log cabin its best to go with touches of wood here and there.

4. Cabinets

 Now its time for designing the interior. Since I have been traveling to Italy for the last 5 years I have developed an obsession for Tuscany. So I added a few simple natural elements of Italian architectural details to my home. I didn’t add any upper cabinets so it gave it an old-world charm. Wood on the walls. Shelving on the walls by the oven and reclaimed wood below the oven fan and a wood top island.

5. Tabby Concrete:

Tabby is very popular in South Carolina, especially in the Low Country where I live. I added tabby on the outside of the oven fan, the fireplace and on the lower exterior of the home.

6. Beams throughout the living space.

The builder found the beams at an old building in Georgia. We added them throughout the foyer, dining room and living room space. Its a very open floor plan so it looked like a loft-style feel.

dining room of Building My Dream Home In The Community Of Palmetto Bluff

6. Barnwood

I added Barnwood in the ceilings in the bedroom and half of the bath. I had the painters whitewashed instead of stained wood color. As I said earlier I didn’t want too much wood throughout the whole house.

bedroom of Building My Dream Home In The Community Of Palmetto Bluff

7. The Exterior of My Palmetto Bluff Home

We went partial cedar siding in the front of the home. The sides were wood planks. The roof is metal.

8. Landscape

For the landscaping, we designed a circular driveway. We planted indigent plants like saw palmettos and grasses. For the back yard, we installed lighting and walking paths. There was a big fire pit for fun entertaining with family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed reading about building my home in Palmetto Bluff Community. It is a beautiful resort-style community nestled in the low country along the may river. You can read more about Palmetto Bluff. 

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kitchen of Building My Dream Home In The Community Of Palmetto Bluff


  1. I love this! Oh that tin roof will be amazing when it’s raining.

    1. Hey Leslie
      Yeah the sound of the rain does sound cool, we had a tin roof once before and sometimes you can hear the squirrels running on the roof.

    1. Hi Winnie Thanks for stopping by it means the world to me. Hope you are well and having a nice weekend.
      xoxo Maria

  2. I’m looking forward to following along! Love the drawing!

    1. Hi Ginnie,

      I’m looking forward in writing about it.. its hard to come up with posts 24/7 this will help
      Hugs Maria

  3. I love that you’re doing concrete floors! They are so beautiful! I love the look the house will have! I bet you are just on pins and needles!

    1. I can’t wait to do the post on concrete flooring, its suppose to start soon. its a really interesting process.

  4. Congrats!! I’m looking forward to seeing the progression and of course the finished product 🙂
    All the best, always~

  5. How fabulous to build you own home! How have you liked the concrete floors? I’ve never done those before!

    1. That is an older home of mine. We are building another home soon. I loved the concrete floors but you have to live with the natural formation of cracks.

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