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lighthouse without water mark


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This past May we moved into our new home under very chaotic conditions. I’ve learned a lot, and my husband and I both learned how to build our dream home in every aspect. We had an amazing builder who was willing to work with us as a team and it became a good relationship where we all taught each other something. I love simple and classic design. They love traditional design with a touch of old world charm. Our builders, Reclamation By Design, is known for building one-of-a-kind homes with sustainable elements. These qualities are what drew my husband and I to them. Here in coastal Carolina, nature is a big element in home designs. The architect, Court Atkins, had designed this home to be positioned among nature.

Because of the uniqueness of our home, our builder felt that it should be entered in the Prestigious Lighthouse Award for the Coastal Carolina Home Builders Association. I was excited and said “Sure!”, but never thought it would actually win. Unbeknownst to us, it won for Best Bath, Best Kitchen and Best Overall in the Custom Homes category. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a tour of our award-winning home!

lighthouse award simple nature decor

The outdoor walk way is great way to enter the house from the garage.

lighhouse stairs 2

The unique aspect of this stairway is the bookcase. It was designed to give a traditional area more of a contemporary flair, which are elements I love to blend.

lighhouse kitchen 2


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The kitchen and dining room are all in a loft style design. Reclaimed wood is on the island and the kitchen fan is made from tabby with wrapped reclaimed wood.

lighhouse pantry 2

The pantry/preparation room has reclaimed shelving with plumbing pipes, which was my husband’s idea. We found all the supplies ourselves, and had it installed by the builder.

lighthouse award dining room

Old beams are throughout the dining room and family room ceiling. The beams were found in an old warehouse in Georgia.

lighthouse award living room

The fireplace in the family room is constructed from tabby and another reclaimed beam for the mantle.

lighhouse barn doors 2

Reclamation by Design is known for their barn style doors. I thought it be cool to have old barn wood for the doors. Another dream was to have concrete flooring throughout most of the home. It was a work in progress and not an easy feat. You can learn about the process here.

lighhouse upstairs bath 2

This upstairs guest bathroom initially was much smaller and had standard tub & shower. So, we took space from the bedroom closet, which was  enormous, to make the bathroom bigger, added a classy tub with a stand alone shower. In my opinion, the extra expense was worth it.


Now to my favorite– the master bedroom suite. We added barn wood in the ceiling for a french look. Initially the builder was against white washing the ceiling because he felt it took away from the character of the wood. I did some studying and found many Pinterest photos of white washed wood. With the right painter, I knew it could come out great, and it did! Stick with your instincts!

lighhouse master bath 2


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A simple bath tub can go a long way. This bath tub was something the builder designed himself. He cut into the concrete flooring and created an oval shape space filling it with river rock. The tub was set on top of this river rock for a very natural setting very similar to a river bed.

lighthouse award back yard

While my domain is the interior, my husband’s is outdoor gardening. He has some design ability in the landscape area. He created this design for our backyard. A firepit to the left of the home, and to the right an outdoor kitchen. The paths you see are to give an estate-like setting. I was amazed of the savings by doing this design ourselves.


The little half bath. The vanity is made from leftover reclaimed wood. The ceiling is the same as our master bedroom white wash reclaimed barn wood. It has my favorite 18th-century antique mirror hanging over it.



    1. Ginnie, your comments mean so much to me, you are such a talented blogger! Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather in NYC.

  1. Your house looks so beautiful Maria!!!! I love each and every room:). The reclaimed wood on the doors, in the kitchen and in the bathrooms is just perfect. You guys did such an amazing job!

    1. Thanks so much for your nice comment, so thrilled to have met you and the ladies from the party! You are such nice people. You are such a great person. Have a wonderful rest of your week. Hugs Maria

  2. What a beautiful home inside and out. I’m sure you’re very proud of it. It has such a fresh feel.
    I really enjoy your blog. Have a great week.

    1. Lyn Thanks so much! I also enjoyed your post on that bowl! 92 years old that is amazing.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. A well deserved award, congratulations. Watch for your feature tomorrow xo

    1. Katherine, You are so sweet, I wish I could hug you! Here is a bug cyber hug xoxo

  4. Your home is beautiful. I love the bedroom ceiling and the beams in the dining room.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! Just happy the house is finally done. It took a long time to built. Have a wonderful week

  5. What an inspiring journey! And a simply beautiful home!
    I continue to be amazed at what you and your husband can create!
    Best of all, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor every single day.
    All the best, Suzanne

    1. Yes, its a great surprise and I have been very happy. It was a lot of work, but worth the time we spent creating the ideas for my home. All my best

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! The setting is so perfect to begin with. I love that you and your builder worked together to create a home that is just what you wanted but extra special.

    1. Thanks for taking your precious time to look at my lighthouse post! I do love my home, its really easy to manage! New Hugs!

  7. Maria! Your house is so gorgeous and unique. You can definitely see your simple and classic style. And is that a huge screen porch I see on the back??!! That is one of my dreams for my someday home!

    1. Kristen
      Your made me night with your kind words! The screen porch is such a great room for hanging out and entertaining friend and family, its worth the added expense to have it part of the building budget. Hugs Maria

  8. Janet Hough says:

    Maria, Your home is marvelous! I am especially enamored of the tabby fireplace. Was this done on site or is it panels? I live in a coastal home in Maryland and have a red brick fireplace cr.1982 and would love to do this treatment. Any advice or source information would be appreciated. BTW..I found you via Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.

    1. Hello Janet, First thanks for visiting my blog, I was so honored to be featured at Rhoda Blog! What you can do is contact a concrete expert or mason and ask them if they can add the tabby mixture, which is a combination of concrete and crushed shells over the brick. The other option which is more work, is they sheet rock over the brick and then they can add the tabby mixture over the sheet rock. My guy add the tabby mixture over the sheet rock of the form of the fireplace.
      Hope that helps, contact me any time. Maria

  9. Hi, Maria! You are lucky you made it through the hurricane with just one tree. We are on Saint Simons Island presently and the house we’re renting was virtually untouched. We did have to evacuate for 5 days. Hope never to go through that again!!I’m glad you are fine and your house weathered the storm. Have a great day!!

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