10 Best Activities To Do in Capri Italy

Activities To Do in Capri Italy

Last month I spent two weeks in Italy, five days were spent in beautiful Capri Italy. We rented a beautiful Airbnb overlooking the city and harbor. Capri is as beautiful as the pictures you see online. Its one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy so it can get very crowded. Even though we went in Septemeber which is suppose to be off-season there were crowds. So I did some research and found out what  10 Best Activities To Do in Capri Italy Without the Crowds.

10 Best Activities To Do in Capri Italy

To get to Capri, you have to take the Ferry from either Naples or Sorrento. We were coming back from Tuscany via Rome Termini, to Naples Central. We had arranged for a driver to pick us up at the train station and take us to the Ferry. The ferry takes 45 minutes to get to the Port of Capri. Once you get to the port of Capri. You go purchase a ticket to take the funicular to the Capri. It’s a quick 5-minute ride to the town of Capri.

1. Hiking To the Beach

Mornings are the most crowded in Capri, day-trippers are visiting for the day, so the main piazza will be crowded with people shopping and looking around. This is the best time to take a hike to the beaches or other sites along with these long hikes. When hiking all the paths are well marked and there are signs everywhere directing where to go. Our first hike was to the beach. The paths are very clear and safe. They are just steep and you do have to stop to catch your breath. This is the view while hiking to the beach.

We rented some chairs and umbrellas and spent most of the morning sunbathing and enjoying the views of the Mediterranean sea.

2. Take a Boat Ride to visit the grottos.

The grottos are beautiful rock formations around Capri Harbor. You have to take the funicular back to the port to meet with whatever boat company you book. There are so many. Most seem pretty good. We had a great time, it was perfect only a few hours in the boat to see the grottos and some of the island landscape by the sea.  I wanted something short and not the whole day. Here is Fabio’s link to the boat trip boat company.


 3: Shopping around Capri

The best time to shop in Capri is when the crowds died down and that around  7 pm the stores stay open late. My favorite was a perfume shop.


4. Hiking to Villa Jovis

Villas Jovis Is a roman Palace on Capi built by the emperor Tiberius in AD 27. This is another great hike to do in the morning since there are no crowds. As said earlier many of the day-trippers spend there time shopping and visiting places they can get to in a shorter amount of time. There are gorgeous views along the walk. You can stop at one of the local markets to get a drink or bathroom break.

5. Take Walk along Via Tragara

This is not a long hike but a pleasant walk. It does get crowded in the morning so for fewer crowds the best time to walk this is right before dinner. When you walk along Via Tragara it filled with beautiful villas and hotels. The gardens are just amazing filled with sweet jasmine and colorful flowers. It ends with a rock formation.

 A Cocktail in the Piazzetta

For a fun time have an evening cocktail on the island of Capri is the Piazzetta. My husband and I had a drink at one of the tables at the square’s four cafés.

Have a Romantic Dinner along the Via Tragara

Capri is probably the most romantic place on earth. We had so many romantic dinners my favorite was a restaurant along the via Taragranra. (Ristorante Terrazza Brunella)  There was a piano player who played and sang all Bossa nova music.


9) A Walk in the Center of Anacapri

Take the little buses that are parked near the piazza. For 10 euos it will take you up the winding road, (don’t look down, you sure to scream) its short bus drive. Anacapri is a small version of Capri Italy, it’s quaint and lots of cute shops.

10. Play a Game of Tennis

Both my husband and I play tennis regularly. Since red clay is popular in Italy we brought our tennis racquets. You can rent them there at the public courts in Capri. The courts were in great condition and we got to play for an hour. For more Italy trips Check out Tuscany 

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  1. lovely , love the lighting on the roman palace, can I have permission to put in my file to paint some day?

  2. I’m still a little jealous of your trip Maria. I’ve always wanted to go to Capri. We’ve been to Rome and did a 5 day tour to Sicily, but Capri has been on my bucket list for the longest time.

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! You’ve peaked my traveling interest for sure, Maria!

  4. The pictures are so stunning Maria. Some day I will visit Italy. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. That was my goal 10 years ago is to go once in my life to a european city, now since I been there I cant get enough of that country. Out of all the countries out there Italy seems from what people tell me very catering to americans.

  5. Thank you for sharing your tips and ideas! I am planning a trip to Italy in my near future, so this is very helpful.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks, my other post I did before this one last month has some good traveling tips for italy too.

  6. Italy is on our list of one of these days. We recently spoke to several couples on our cruise who all raved about Italy. One couple had family still there and visits every year.

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