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Stress-free Tips When Planning Your Next Trip To Italy

Stress-free Tips When Planning Your Next Trip To Italy

Have you ever traveled abroad to find that your plane is delayed or even worse stuck at the airport overnight? If this has happened to you and you are frustrated with traveling then I have some helpful tips to make your next trip stress-free. I have been traveling to Italy for the last 10 years. One of the reasons why it’s very easy to get to and the people are nice. These tips can apply to any travel you may have when traveling abroad. Next month we ill be going away for 2 weeks to Tuscany and Capri, Italy and planning to apply all these tips. So enjoy these stress-free tips when planning your next trip to Italy.

Tip 1: Travel With One Carry On Bag

Many of you may not like this but you be surprised how many savvy travelers do this. It’s a good way to avoid long lines at customs and you never have to worry about losing your luggage. If you are traveling in the warm weather months this is ideal.

What to pack: You will have your basics, such as underwear, mini cosmetics bottles, walking shoes, sneakers, one pair of shorts, pants, basic light dress, and something to keep you warm in case it rains. You also all allowed to carry another bag under the seat. I have and planning on taking a large tote semi-empty. That way I can bring back souvenirs.


Tip 2:  Direct Flights

To avoid unexpected delays or cancellation try to book a direct flight. I travel about three hours to get to Charlotte to take the same flight I have been taking for the last 4 visits there. One year I took a flight from another city that had two stops and ended getting delayed which resulted in sleeping on the airport floor. Never again

Tip 3: Hire a driver

Having a driver waiting for you after you go through customs is the way to go. It’s not that expensive and you can get to your hotel or train station safely. My first trip to Italy we flagged a taxi and the driver was going over 100 miles an hour, never again. The taxi drivers are notoriously crazy drivers.

Tips 4. Travel by Train

When traveling in Italy, you don’t need to rent a car, you can get everywhere by train. It’s so much easier and stressfree. This may take a little planning but it’s worth it. We are planning on going to Cortona in Tuscany. Its a 2 hours train ride from the Rome Termini. To avoid long waits in line buy a ticket at You can pick any time you like and coordinate with your driver to pick you up at that train station. For example, my driver who is picking us up at Rome Airport is bringing me to Rome Termini which is the train station in Rome. I would like to take the 12: 40 train which gives me plenty of time to get to the train station after I get out of customs and arrive at Cortona train station at 2:30.

 Italy Train info.

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Tip 5: Set Roots In A Few Cities.

Do what the roman’s do. That’s how I like to spend my time in Italy. I like to feel at home. Live like the locals. Spending at least 5 days in one city and another 5 days at a different city is truly the way to enjoy the culture and what the city has to offer. During this trip to Italy, I will be visiting Cortona, Italy for 5 days and Capri for another 5 days. That way I can truly enjoy what these towns have to offer.


  1. Great tips for traveling Maria. It looks like you had an amazing time in this most beautiful of countries!!

    1. We did not go yet, we do leave September. I have been there before but it’s my 4th time.


  2. Wonderful post. Capri and Cortona are going to be amazing and you will go when there are less tourists and less heat. I don’t know much about Cortona, I will forward to your pictures when you return. I love Italy.

    1. Exactly its a perfect time of year.Will post when i get back on all the treasures I found.Thanks

  3. These are great travel tips, thanks for sharing. Pinning for future reference!

  4. Thank you for these traveling tips, Maria! Charles and I have been planning on going to Italy for years but now we have a free plane ticket… He was comped a ticket to take a later flight one time this year, so… Maybe next spring?? He went back when he was 24 with an old girlfriend and her family and said it was so beautiful. Light-weight clothing is definitely the way to travel!

    Have a fun and safe trip!!!
    Barb 🙂

    1. Hope you get to go, This will be my fourth trip so if you need any info let me know.

    1. Thats great you have been there! Leaving next week, so it should be another adventure!

  5. Great tips. When we flew recently, we took flights from Portland OR to Amsterdam, then connected to Geneva, it made things so easy. We worked with a travel gal to help us arrange transportations, though we scheduled all our lodging. It made things so much easier. Definitely having drivers pick us up at the airports was so nice.

    1. That’s great to hear your flights were easy! That’s the key! Glad you had a great trip to Geneva.

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