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Teach Your Child How To Paint A Wooden Easter Bunny

My grandkids love to paint. I purchased some wooden bunnies and taught them how to paint the wooden Easter bunnies.

How To Teach Your child To Paint A Wooden Easter Bunny

Being a grandma has given me so much joy. I love teaching them fun things like painting and drawing. You to can teach your child how to paint a wooden Easter bunny very easily by using ideas such as shapes of carrots, numbers and letters. For example the number 0 can be the tummy and the number 1 can be used as stick shapes for the paw prints.

Here is another post that that can teach your child more about painting. How to make Wooden Easter bunny stakes for the garden.

What is The Best Paints To USe for PAinting

The best paint I love using is acrylic paints. The acrylic paints cover the wood the best and last longer than any other paint. I have two grandsons and I found some acrylic sets one for each of the kids.

Why You Will Love Teaching Your Child

  • It’s a great way to bond with your child.
  • It teaches them about painting.
  • Keeps their mind occupied in a creative way.
  • It’s fun
  • Teaches them about different shapes letters and numbers which are all part of the bunny.

Supplies To Make Wooden Easter Bunny

How To Paint Wooden Easter Bunny

  1. Let your child paint the bunny one color and using the thicker brushes. This part is easy for them because it doesn’t entail any specific drawing. Let dry before you start showing them how to make shapes. I have two grandkids and each pick their own color. I gave them a thick artist brush for this part.

2. After the bunny dries. I paint some simple ears on the wooden bunny. In this part they just fill the ears in with the same color I use. You can use any color to paint for the ears, nose and other features of the bunny. The eyes are just little dabs of paint in any color.

3. It’s important after each drawing that it dries before you attempt the next shape on the bunny face. That way the kids can’t mess what’s already been painted.

4. For the nose we made an orange triangle and for the mouth the letter w. It’s a great way to teach them about shapes and letters. For the tummy the number 0. I created the shape and they filled it in.

5. Here is another version of the bunny in green. Here I they painted little stick shapes for feet and hands. Added a carrot shape on the tummy.

I had a blast teaching the kids how to paint these wooden easter bunnies. Kids love to learn and there are so many ways to teach them through art.

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