How To learn Italian Words and Phases In 6 Easy Weeks

Are you planning a trip to Italy in the near future here are some tips on how to learn Italian words and phrases in 6 easy weeks.

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How to learn Italian words and phrases in 6 weeks.

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I have been to Italy five times and each time my Italian vocabulary gets bigger. If you are planning a trip to Italy then it’s a good idea to learn basic Italian words and phrases. There are many Italians that do speak English there but knowing basic Italian words will make your vacation more fun. The Italian will appreciate the effort. You won’t be able to learn the entire language, but if you plan early and practice every week for 6 weeks you will learn. I have used many programs to learn Italian and the best one that I felt gave me an easier way to learn the language was Rosetta Stone.

Start Rosetta Stone By Choosing a Level

Rosetta Stone lets you choose your level, beginner, intermediate or advance. I have been studying Italian on and off for a few years. I am still a beginner, but what I have learned with Rosetta stone has stayed with me. On my last trip to Italy last October I truly felt that my lessons paid off. I understand so much which is a big accomplishment for me.

 Choose Your plan

The skills you will learn are speaking and listening. It’s a 30 minutes a day plan that’s done for 5 days a week for 6 weeks. You can choose a travel plan that is geared around your vacation, If you are not going on a vacation and just want to learn Italian you can choose the Family Plan.

 Week: 1

This week will teach you about basic sentences, everyday items and meeting people. The lesson starts off identifying the names of people, such as boy, girl, man, women. For example, (un bambino) is the boy and (una bambina) is the girl.  You focus on that topic for the whole week.

 Week: 2

In week 2, discussions on color and sizes. So when you are shopping in Italy you can understand colors and sizes which are a big help. This week you will get in touch on being polite by saying please and thank you. Another polite phrase is  “Grazie mille” which means thanks a thousand times. If someone talks in Italian too fast, simply say, “Prego.  This would mean, “I beg your pardon?”

 Week: 3

Learning about money and how the euros are calculated in Italy. It’s all about shopping for cool things. You’re going to be buying food, tickets, souvenirs and  before you do, you’ll want to know, “Quanto costa?” How much does it cost?

Week: 4

In week 4, you will learn about dining out and making reservations at a restaurant. You will learn to say Say, “Buon giorno!”(good morning) as you enter a small shop, as you walk into a market, as you sit beside somebody in the lounge or waiting area.

Week: 5

You will learn how to make a reservation at a hotel, how to ask about the location. You may even be surprised how many new friends you make as you socialize at aperitivo or walking around in a crowded piazza.

Week: 6

Getting around, where is the subway? : Dov’è la metro? where is the train station? : Dov’è la stazione? where is the museum? : Dov’è il museo?


By learning the basics of a language like Italian with Rosetta Stone you are learning the right way. Experiment with family members or friends.

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