On my way back from Beaufort we stop at the beach to walk around and saw some little white shells on the beaches. It got me thinking for my next DIY. I just love using seashells for crafts. So I could not find enough at the beach so I stopped at  Hobby Lobby later that day to get a bag full of small seashells. There are lots of seashell craft ideas out there. Hobby Lobby has loads of cute boxes and since Valentines is approaching I grabbed a few small heart shape boxes. I could not resist since they were 40% off. These boxes are perfect for the seashell trinket box diy.






Step 1:

With a clean cloth dip into the vintage wash and rub onto the wooden box until its completely covered with the wash. You can use a brush but it’s so much faster with a cloth.


Step 2:

After the paint has dried. Glue the shells onto the top of the box. You can place the shells any way you want. Each design is different so be creative. The glue I used was especially used for  stone and shells for crafts its called Mosaic tile Adhesive.


Step 3:

In  one of the photo I did not paint the inside of the box to show you the contrast if you kept it natural. At the end I decided to paint the inside of the box with the wash, but at least you can see the difference! Which one do you like. I love both so since I purchased two boxes I have 2 seashell trinket boxes to give as gifts to my friends and family. There are so many things you can store inside them. I am planning on using one of the boxes for my rose and lavender potpourri.



For more seashell crafts ideas  here is a pretty wreath made with different shapes of shells.