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Learn To Make A Heart-shape Sewing Kit In 5 Easy Steps

 Learn in To Make A Heart-shape Sewing Kit in 5 Easy Steps. Perfect to keep your sewing essentials organized.

Have you ever search for a needle and thread only to find them scattered in a junk drawer. I decided that those days are over and I created a heart-shape sewing kit made from scraps of fabric, an old heart-shaped wooden box, and some ribbon. It was the perfect size to store it in a drawer and pretty to display it on a table.

Here are supplies in creating this heart shape sewing kit.

  • Heart-shaped wooden box

A few years ago I purchased a bunch of boxes in amazon pretty cheap, so I knew they come in handy.

  • Fabric

I have lots of fabric. I found the prettiest color I had which was pink and thought it is perfect for the heart shape box.

  • Glue

You can use any type of glue, Allene glue was easy to work with. You can use hot glue but since I am working with small parts it was easier to use a glue tip plastic bottle.

  • Ribbon

Use any color of ribbon, as lone it is thin enough to go around the edge of the box

  • Buttons

I added vintage buttons on the tops of the box. Either new or old are fine.

Step1: Measure the inside of the box

Take those measurements and cut out strips of fabric to be glued onto the box’s lips. Let dry for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Take the heart-shape box and place it on the fabric.

With a pencil outline the heart and cut with sharp scissors. Apply glue with a brush and spread evenly all over the heart. Let dry for a few minutes before proceeding to add the ribbons.

Step 3: Measure the top and bottom edge of the heart.

Grap the ribbon and with the measurements cut the ribbon.

Step 4: Apply glue to the edges of the heart-shaped box.

Quickly apply the ribbon before the glue dries. Press firmly the ribbon onto the edge making sure the ribbon is glued on well. Apply enough glue. The glue will look white but will dry clear.

Step 5: Add the vintage buttons with a little glue.

This is the fun part. Take your buttons and scatter them in any pattern you like. I used a mixture of different size buttons.


Step 6: What sewing essential to put inside your heart shape sewing kit.

  • Sewing needles: There are different kinds of needles. I stored several that were good for sewing a button or doing a quick hem.
  • Pins are great if you have to do a quick hem, so I stored enough for a few 2 hems.
  • Buttons: A few small buttons in black and white.
  • A seam ripper is perfect to use if you have to cut the thread or take a heam apart.


I hope you will enjoy putting together your own sewing kit. You can use any box for this project. I am enjoying my sewing kit. I can take outside or keep it on my table as a pretty craft box.

For more of my sewing projects check out my envelope pillow tutorial.

If you don’t know how to sew and love to learn the basics. Go to Blueprint for affordable sewing classes.



  1. This is a lovely sewing box. I love you used felt, lace and buttons to decorate it.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Ps. Please share on my site at the You’re The Star blog hop

  2. Oh my goodness, Maria. This is just about as darling as can be! Thanks dor sharing your creativity.

  3. Lynn Spencer says:

    What a LOVELY idea!!! I can think of several to gift this to for Galentine’s Day

  4. This is the cutest little sewing box I’ve seen. I’ve got my sewing kit in a little plastic pouch which I’m forever losing, so a bright and colourful kit like this would be perfect! I think it’d be less likely to be misplaced 🙂

  5. Just found this 4-21-2020, and I am seeking things to do with a grand who needs to learn basic sewing skills and stay occupied during this time of isolation. Since she can access the web, and I can, though we are miles apart, we can work on these ‘together’. This will be good for her and a keepsake forever. Thank you!

    1. Thanks that would be a beautiful idea for her. So sweet. LEt me know if you have any questions.

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