Simple DIY Asymmetrical Wreath For Fall

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Simple is my mantra when it comes to making crafts. For an easy and relax making wreath try this DIY asymmetrical wreath for fall.

Asymmetrical wreath on door

When it comes to making crafts in my life simple is the key to for me to enjoy doing them. That why I created this simple diy asymmetrical wreath for fall. what is great about this wreath is that you can change out the flower and colors and use it for any season. For example for spring you can use pretty daisies. For the Christmas season use faux snow covered pinecones. There are so many simple ways to decorate this wreath. If you love pinecones check out this one. How To Make A Dazzling Bleached Pine cone Wreath.

What IS DIY Asymmetrical Wreath

Asymmetrical means having two sides or half that are not the same. For example in wreath making an asymmetrical wreath means you are focused on one side and Theo other is kept simple. You can use a plain rings made from wood, metal or plastic. I used a Eucalyptus wreath that was already shaped in a circle. I focused on putting everything on one side of the wreath. I left theater side without anything but the eucalyptus. It creates a pretty but minimal look.

Supplies To Make DIY Aysmmetrical Wreath

1 Eucalyptus wreath: I found mine AMAZON

5 Ranunuculous Florals: Amazon had a ton of pretty ones.

Red Berries: They come in groups, Make sure the stems are thin enough to wrap around wreath. Use glue as extra support.

Hot Glue: Any hot gluewill do.

eucalyptus wreath flowers and berries to make wreath

How To Make It

  1. Take the eucalyptus wreath and make sure all the leaves are pulled out and in a circular shape. Cut any that stick out.
asymmetrical wreath
  1. Start glueing the red ranunculus in series of 5 florals. Glue them all together on one size of the wreath. Make sure you snip off the flowers from the stem before glueing then on wreath.
glueing flowers on wreath
  1. Wrap the group of berries above the florals first. Then add hot glue for support. By placing everything on one size will create the asymmetrical wreath.
glueing berries on wreath

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