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Cutest Ideas For Wedding Welcome Bags

Make the cutest wedding welcome bags with everything your wedding guests will need.

Planning a wedding takes a tremendously amount of time and effort. For my daughter’s Leanna wedding we all had a job that made things go relatively smooth. My Job was to create the welcome bags and favors. My daughters basically did everything else. Let me tell you how much love went into making each and every one of these bags. You can see the tutorial here how to paint the welcome bags. Yes I painted 60 bags and I am praying that most guest took them home. Oh well! If not I still loved making them.

Inside The Cutest Ideas For Wedding Welcome Bags.

  1. Something to eat: My daughter thought it be nice to go over beyond and give them every flavor out there sweet, sour and spicy.

2. Something to drink. A sparking flavored water in different flavors.

3. A map of the areas: Since the hotel was in Hilton Head area. The map had important info such as places to eat and things to do.

4. An itinerary of the festivities.

5. A cute favor/gift.

Why Your Guests Will Love The Welcome Bags

  • It looks cute
  • Lots of yummy treats.
  • There is a map to help them get around.
  • They can use the welcome bag as a gift bag.
  • There is an oyster shell to bring home as a remembrance of the wedding.

Supplies For Cutest Ideas For Wedding Welcome Bags

My daughter Leanna picked a low country theme. Pink and yellow colors for the favor bag & contents.

Paper bags: I purchased 100 bags.

Watercolor to paint the bags. Here is the tutorial how to paint the bags.

Large Chocolate M&Ms

Jalapeño Chips: For 40 welcome bags you will need 6 large bags of Jalapeño Chips.

Containers for potato chips and candies.

Small yellow boxes for favors.

Oyster shell favors: You can see tutorial here on how to make oyster shell oyster favors.

Welcome card to hang on front of bag.

Ribbon to tie on the welcome bags.

2 flavored sparkling waters.

How To Organized The Cute Wedding Welcome Bags.

  1. The first thing you will need is the bag. I bought over 40 painted bags to my daughter Ashley who will add all the goodies into the bag
painted wedding bags

2. The first thing you need to do is package up all the snacks. For the Jalapeño chips she use a french fry container holder that comes with a plastic wrap. Do the same for the candy by using a clear wrapper. Once you wrap everything up add a label.

Labels: her favorite his favorite and our favorite all represents three treats. You can get labels from Avery . Here is a link to the label size .

snack for inside cutest wedding bags

3. For favors we used a yellow box with a pink label. The oyster shell favor tutorial is here. Wrap the favor in matching yellow tissue paper. Place inside box.

wedding favor in box

My daughter’s theme for her wedding was a Low-Country wedding. So she designed the itinerary with a coastal map of the area. The welcome card and invitation all had the coastal vibe. The itinerary showed Friday the welcome party, where to be picked up by shuttle, the location of the wedding venue, the ceremony, cocktail hour, dancing and departure back to the Westin.

schedule for wedding goes inside the welcome bag

Once we had everything created, its time to place everything in the bag. Start by punching a hole in the welcome card and hang on the bags. We used a matching pink ribbon. We placed the two beverages inside each bag. The favor box was placed in the middle of two waters and everything else on top of the box. Slip in the maps and itinerary on the side of the bag. We brought the bags to the hotel where they were passed out to each guest that checked into the hotel.

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inside the cutest welcome bags

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